Ganta’s New Mayor Wants A Visitor-Friendly City

Ganta City Mayor, Amos Nyan Suah.

Says he will be proactive to see Ganta becomes Liberia’s cleanest city

The newly-appointed City Mayor of Ganta, Amos Nyan Glabogaiy Suah, has vowed to institute tougher measures, to make the city second to none in the country.

Mr. Suah’s pledge was contained in his remarks to a cross-section of residents, upon his arrival in Ganta last week from  confirmation hearings by the Senate.

Suah said he will utilize the city’s ordinances by ensuring that the city is well cleaned in such a way as to attract visitors.

“If you drink water, put the sachet in your pocket to avoid putting dirt on the streets,” he declared.

“We will ensure all the makeshift bathrooms within the city are removed, while at the same time we will not tolerate anyone selling close to the street to drop the dirt everywhere,” Suah warned.

He called on residents to stop building makeshift structures or planting crops in the alleys, adding,”this administration will not allow such practices that will give the city a backward look.”

Mr. Suah, who served as senior city inspector during the administration of former Mayor Nohn Tensonnoh, promised to construct a new city hall and to ensure that all the alleys are opened, to allow free movement of goods and services.

His statement was greeted with cheers from residents, some of whom expressed confidence in Mr. Suah’s commitment to hard work.

The residents, among them Bain Garr Commissioner Amos Gbatu and the newly-appointed Wee/Gbeyi Commissioner Keymah Kuoh, on March 24 lined-up along the main street to welcome Mayor Suah for his successful confirmation hearing by the Senate.

On Thursday, March 22, nearly all those appointed in the local government of Nimba County were confirmed by the Senate.



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