Ganta-Tappita Road Pavement Begins Soon

President Weah with bank officials after the closed door meeting at his residence in Paynesville.

The Country Director for the World Bank Group for Ghana, Sierra Leone and Liberia, Henry G. R. Kerali, has disclosed that the bank is in an advanced effort to source funds to commence the pavement of the Ganta-Tappita road shortly.

In a closed door meeting Kerali and his team held with President George Weah at his Rehab residence in Paynesville, the World Bank Director disclosed plans for the pavement of the Ganta-Tappita highway, which is Phase I of that project, and to subsequently pave the Tappita-Fish Town highway, which is Phase II.

Presidential Press Secretary Sam Mannah told Executive Mansion reporters on Friday that the bank’s delegation informed the President that the bank fully embraces his vision for road connectivity, particularly the building of a coastal highway.

The bank also promised to use the same financing model the bank used for the Ganta-Tappita highway to construct the proposed coastal highway.

Kerali and his team expressed commitment to support the administration’s infrastructural agenda by prioritizing road construction.

Quoting the delegation, Mannah said within two months, the bank would be able to get approval to finance the construction and pavement of Phase I of the project, which is the Ganta-Tappita highway, a 125km road, at the cost of US$100 million. “They also announced the securing of US$40 million of the funding, and are therefore looking to sourcing the additional US$60 million from the private sector,” he said. “Phase II of the project will be the pavement of the Tappita-Fishtown highway once the funding becomes available.”

He said the delegation told President Weah that approval of the funds for Phase I will be within two months, followed by the contractual procedures of the project.

“The contract will be sent to the Liberian Legislature for ratification after which works will begin within 4-6 months depending on how fast the agreement is ratified,” he added.

In his maiden Annual Message to members of the Legislature, the President was elated that the World Bank had moved so fast to help his government succeed in the realization of his vision for Liberia’s transformation.

He thanked the delegation for the visit and promised that his government is willing to work with the World Bank and other partners in the fight against poverty, disease, and illiteracy.


  1. Ways to go President Weah! We will crown you real King George Manneh Weah at the completion of our first costal highways since 1847; in 170 years. A paved road from Ganta to Tappita, and eventually to Harper, Maryland County? I am dreaming and I can’t wake up!


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