Ganta Street Openings Resumes


The Nimba County Administration on Tuesday, September 20, began opening streets and alleys in the commercial city of Ganta, to increase access and social services to residents.

As the road building equipment arrived to begin work, the county Development Superintendent, Dorr Cooper, called on the jubilant residents to assist the workers in order to complete the work that will enhance the city’s landscape.

He urged the community to provide the needed security for the machines and desist from buying fuel and other lubricants from unscrupolous workers who may have the intention to undermine the process to beautify the city.

He informed the residents that during the dry season, the machines will be used to open feeder roads across the county.

“These machines were bought by the people of Nimba to carry out road development, and nothing else,” he said.

The major opening of Ganta streets and alleys resumed in 2013, but during the administration of former Superintendent J. Fulton Dunbah in the 1970s, Ganta got its face lift which led to the demolition of properties to give way for the city’s development.

The street opening exercise went to other communities last year, where two cities, including Karnplay and Bahn were laid out, leaving Tappita, after the residents there filed a Writ of Prohibition at the Supreme Court to halt work in that city.

This year’s municipal development in Saclapea, Bahn and Ganta were selected, but Saclepea is following the trend set by Tappita, refusing to be developed because of the large number of buildings that could be demolished in the process.

At present, Sanniquellie is benefiting from the process which began last August, with yellow machines currently extending their work into new communities where there are no roads.

Superintendent Fong G. Zuagele, in his remark at the Ganta ground breaking ceremony, said the county administration is providing all necessary assistance to facilitate the completion of the work.

He said the county will not hesitate to remove the machines from any community that will not cooperate.

Ms. Feston Leasah, a resident of LPMC Community said, “We are very happy for the road work to begin in our community and we want to assure the county our fullest cooperation in the opening of the streets.”

She added “We know that development comes with pain so we are encouraging everybody to comply for the betterment of our community.”

The rehabilitation of feeder roads and the opening of alleys and streets are funded by Arcelor Mittal Social Development Fund, given to the county through the government every year, Supt. Zuagele said.


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