Ganta Residents Missed Out On Watching Weah’s Inauguration

Disappointed citizens flooded the sports pitch.

Several Ganta and residents of its environs who turned out in their thousands at the Ganta Sports Stadium to witness the inauguration of Senator George Weah, went home disappointed after they could not find the giant “TV” that some CDCians had promised them yesterday.

Snader Charles, 58, said: “I came to witness the inauguration, but nothing is going on here as was expected. We were told on the local radios that the program will be live on a big screen on this field, but since we came here this morning, we are yet to see anything on the screen and we are standing under the sun.”

He added: “We want for everything to go on straight in this country, this is why we voted for change. So it is too soon to begin with such a disappointment.”

Ganta was very calm with nearly all the public and private business places closed yesterday. The citizens were eager wandering everywhere in search of video club centers to watch the inauguration ceremony, without success.

Stampede in the Peace Empire Theater, when it was announced the screen was on

Prior to the inauguration, some CDCians made announcements on local radio stations informing the citizens to gather at the Ganta Sports Stadium to witness the occasion live on the giant screen.

Anthony Wleh Martin, a nurse, said, “I’ve been here for almost four hours and yet to see the screen that was advertised on the radio stations. We are disappointed that we are unable to watch such a colorful event taking place in our country.”

Fun makers were also at the gathering to entertain

“We expected the CDCians to have prepared everything yesterday, before making announcements. They were still struggling to set up the screen when it is almost 12 pm. The people are not prepared and it is a big disappointment for us. I would have stayed at home to listen to the program on radio, but an occasion like this is good to watch with friends, where you share fun; so I am actually disappointed,” he added.

The Ganta Sports Stadium was very crowded as if the inauguration was taking place in Ganta. Women with babies on their backs, elderly people as well as young people were seen swelling in their numbers at the sports arena, while the CDC technicians managed to set up a TV screen.

Another resident, Martin Walker, said, “We were called on the radio to assemble here, but I am so disappointed with this kind of poor planning.”

The giant screen under construction though the occasion was almost ending

A lot of those present said they were also disappointed with the lack of digital television stations in Liberia, like other countries in the sub-region. “If this occasion had been in Ivory Coast, which is very close to here, it would have been live on TV, where those living in the villages will be able to watch,” said Ma Annie, an elderly woman.

However, the CDCians were still trying to complete setting up the TV screen at the stadium until the occasion ended in Paynesville, outside Monrovia. They later moved the occasion to the Peace Empire Theater, where some members of the crowd followed them, but were again disappointed as the technicians failed to get the TV working.


  1. This peaceful transfer of power was a national and historic event in Liberia. The people in the rural should not be treated like second-class citizens. They too pay taxes just like the people in Monrovia. Why couldn’t Superintendents in those various counties and mayors in those cities use some of the county money to provide their people, a once in 44 years, an opportunity to witness a live (on TV) peaceful transfer of power in Liberia?

    After the inauguration, those big screen TVs bought for each big city could be placed in the county’s administration building or some placed in public town halls for public use.

    People fail to realize that after all those traumatic events witnessed during Liberia’s political instability, witnessing a live stream (on TV) of a peaceful transfer of power from President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to President-elect George Weah has a therapeutic effect on a war weary population?

    We constantly cry for peace and stability, but when peaceful transition is actually taking place after 44 years, we deprived our rural people from witnessing such historic events. What a big shame!!!!

  2. It is too early to complain. But I understand why the Nimbians are upset. A promise was made, but sadly, the promise was not kept. Maybe it was due to a technical glitch. I don’t know for sure, neither I think anyone knows what happened and why it happened. However,
    that’s not a good start. Conneh makes a valid point. The Superintendent (or governor as I prefer to call it) and mayors of cities in the county should involve themselves in this matter. Yeah, it’s not a gigantic deal, but it’s a deal that shouldn’t be ignored. My fellow citizens of Nimba, I urge you to take this with a grin of salt. Don’t let this incident get under your skin. Hopefully, you’ll be okay. Be courageous.

    Hang in there. Alright?

  3. They are disappointed for not watching the inauguration live ?? Poor management, you’ve not seen nothing…embrace for the worst

  4. I hope he (opong) doesn’t walk in the shadow of the pervious corrupt madam sirleaf’s administration. she goes down in history as one of the most corrupt African leaders. These are the kind of leader making insignificant trump referring to the Mother Land (Africa) as shit holes… she shows no love for Liberia, but to enrich herself and those that are closer to her…well-done & well-done madam sirleaf go in your shame & disgrace!!!!!!!! accountability to Liberian will hunt you forever. I ask the Almighty God that you all stolen wealth from the poor Liberian people fail to bear fruits to enjoy… A man!


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