Ganta Residents Jubilate for Commencement of work on Ganta-Saclepea Road

The demolition exercise is going on as traders loaded their goods on trucks.

Residents of Ganta, mainly those affected by the demolition carried out by the Chinese road construction company, CICO, are now in jubilant mood for the commencement of the Ganta-Saclepea roadwork after years of expressed wish that the project would be carried out some days.

Most of those jubilating have their structures on the main street of Ganta making business and earning money; a situation that would cause anyone to oppose such a demolition exercise, but it is not the case with these residents who are so anxious to see the stretch of road from Ganta to Saclepea and then Grand Gedeh paved to get the issue of bad road off their back.

The demolition process began at the NP Gas Station with caterpillar and excavator breaking down buildings that were marked earlier and considered to be on the right away.

The Ministry of Public Works had marked all the properties believed to be on the right-away and late last year the government paid those whose properties were marked, giving them a timeframe to relocate.

“We are very happy to see the beginning of this road; development does not come so easy, said a resident identified as Kromah.

When the Daily Observer arrived at the demolition site, some businesspeople were hurriedly packing and relocating their goods to other areas.

Usually when roadwork as such is ongoing, those whose properties fall within the confines of the road are given resettlement packages to enable them reestablish. While the residents are happy for the work to commence, there are however some who have not received this resettlement package and they believe it is unfair to them.

“I have a motorbike store and it was destroyed without any benefit for my property,” said Winston Glaydor, a motorcycle dealer in Ganta.

“The Public Works appraised my store, but whenever I go to them for my payment, they keep telling me to wait,” Glaydor added, shows copies of the appraisal document given him by Public Works.

Nimba County District #9 Representative, Johnson Gwaikolo who made a brief stop to witness the demolition process, said he had received complaints from some affected people about breaking down their shops or stores which were not marked.

Even though, he did not name the complainants, he said has received two complaints so far and he was inquiring what will be those affected people’s benefits.

As the lawmaker attempted to explain complaints brought to him, his comments were intercepted by noise from the jubilant crowd telling him not to speak for anyone or try to intervene on anyone’s behalf because their properties were destroyed.

Making his way through to talk with the Public Works team leader on the concerns raised by the affected party, the citizens continue to interject, asking him to leave the company to leave to continue its work.

In a brief interview, Rep. Gwaikolo hailed the government for the exercise, adding that the opening of the stretch of road to Saclapea will boost economic activities and bring relief to those living along the road and beyond.

“As Representative for the people, I have to listen to their grievances and also address them, but I have not come to put a stop to any work,” Rep. Gwaikolo said.

On December 2, 2020 the Government of Liberia and CICO reached a contractual agreement to construct the Ganta – Saclepea Road.

At the signing ceremony in Ganta, the Ministry of Public Works explained that the upgrading of the 39 km Ganta-Seclepea Road portion of the South Eastern Road corridor is the first of the two lots of the stretch of road from Ganta to Tappita, which is 100 kilometers.

The MPW puts the duration of the construction or upgrading work to about 22 months, beginning December last year and a defect liability period of 12 months. However, the cause of delay is yet to be explained.

Accordingly, the road will be upgraded from an unsealed gravel road to a road paved with asphalt with a carriage way width of 7.5 meters, and 1.5 meter shoulders on either side.

The upgrading works will begin in Ganta at the intersection of the ‘Suakoko Highway’ and end in Saclepea.

According to Public Works, several drainages and bridges are expected to be constructed along the road, with the designed life of 20 years and operational speed of 80 kilometers per hour.

Work on this road first began in 1984 under the Ganta-Harper Highway Project, and the pavement began at the very intersection where the current project is to start, and ended near the LPMC building in Ganta. Hindrance to its construction was primarily due to the civil war that lasted for one and a half decades.


  1. My people, stop rejoicing on the show of these 419iners!

    According to what I have just read, it should take 22 months to complete this project, which logically commenced in December 2020.
    But note this, Weah and thugs will use this road as a bargaining chip to get your votes in 2023. It will not be completed at 75% from now to October 2023.

    Weah has chopped the money for this project. He can NEVER raise similar sums from the treasury to finish this project. He’s caught in a booby trap and turning in on himself, without knowing what to do.
    It is not a witch from me, it is the reality of things as we analyze it from our end. CDC has dug deep into the revenue generation capacity of Liberia, beware my people!

    But my people, do not despair!
    You have one thing to do at the dawn of 2023: Vote the ANC for us to bring you sustainable development in every sector of our economy.
    A road with an operational speed (safety rate) of 80 kilometers per hour is no different from the same gravel road from Ganta to Yekepa or from Ganta to Tapita or from Ganta to Karnplay, stop rejoicing!
    They are constructing an open grave for us; it is a waste of valuable resources that should have been used to improve many lives.

    Stop misbehaving on your honorable representatives. Give Rep. Gwaikolo your ears, stop being uncouth to him. The Representative truly represents the interests of Nimba, he’s a true son of the soil and dignified representative of Nimba, respect him!

    The ANC will build better roads for you!

  2. And so development will only be realized and come to Liberia when Mr. Alexander Benedict Cummings, the Political Leader of the ANC, is elected the President of the Republic of Liberia? Absolutely, this is a bad joke. Without waiting for the VOTES of the people of Liberia, Dr. Daniel Cassel, has already gone into MARGIBI County and built three bridges to ensure free and easy movement for the people of MARGIBI County.

    Why wait for election and the votes of our people before Mr. Cummings or any conscious and concerned Liberian can bring development to Liberia?

    Dr. Daniel Cassel and the People’s Liberation Party (PLP), have got no time to wait.

    Come what may, Liberia and our people, will not elect to power and presidency of Liberia one committed group of professional thieves, after a committed group of professional thieves to power and the presidency in Liberia.

    Development in Liberia should never await the VOTES of our people.

    Today and as reported by international news outlet, the following people are the 10 most richest politicians in the Liberia and yet, the Republic of Liberia, is underdeveloped.

    1. Mr. Benoni Wilfred Urey – US$32,000,000

    2. Mr. George Manneh Weah – US$29.6,000,000

    3. Mrs. Ellen Johnson – US$23,000,000

    4. Dr. Joseph Nyuman Boakai – US$21.3,000,000

    5. Mrs. Jewel Howard Taylor – US$11.2,000,000

    6. Cllr. Charles Walker Brumskine, the Late – US$17,000,000

    7. Senator Prince Y. Johnson – US$9,000,000

    8. Dr. Amos C. Sawyer – US$3.2,000,000

    9. Cllr. Winston Tubman – US$3,000,000

    9. Cllr. Harry Varney Gboto N. Sherman – US$2.7,000,000

    Unfortunately and despite their riches and perhaps illicit riches, Liberia is not developed.

    • Cllr. Jayweh,

      Sustainable development will come to Liberia with a president with a vision like Cummings, not by a populist or philanthropist!

      Bridges are built by government, not an individual. Dr. Cassell could be sued for this “humanitarian” gesture if it is found that he did not conduct any environmental studies. It brings to light deficiencies in the operationalities of some government agencies. Does the EPA or Public Works know about the construction of the 3 bridges? Was it approved?

      You see the US $250,000 Dr. Cassell just burned, it could have been used to bring the farmers in those villages together through Cooperation Groups, then constitute investment fund for them to enable them take loans from the banks to improve their activities and augment production.

      Alexander B. Cummings is not one of the professional thieves Liberia has ever known. He has NEVER worked for the government of Liberia and NEVER stolen money from the country in any way, watch your words!

  3. Thank GOD for the people of Nimba County and the Southeastern Region, and by extension the Republic of Liberia.


  5. The UNPRODUCTIVE BLUE PRINTS. The Saga of Liberia Underdevelopment.

    At least something good is going on with ‘no blue prints’. Liberia was 170 years when the CDC Government took power from a government that oversaw the raining of 16 billion dollars donor funds in Liberia. The problem in Liberia is not the creation of the CDC nor the present day government. It is a complete neglect of the people and the infrastructures development of the country by past regimes. The idea that our problems were created just in this 3 years is a completely comical in it self.

    In the days of plenty (the five iron ore companies, world largest rubber production plants[firestone], a GDP of $1150.00 -1951 to 1979), those at the top of power did not prioritize Liberians plights. It’s very inhumane to claim to be a politician of a nation and do not care for the very people you represent.

    If public institutions of learning were free from the beginning in Liberia as it is now, politicians wouldn’t have had chance to lie to the people. Everybody would be well informed, there would be no room for a blind shepherd leading flocks. But since it is the contrary, Liberia serves as a fertile ground for misinformation to gain state power. Those who have the blue prints for developing Liberia have since thrown it into the trash and others who they claim do not have any blue prints are doing the work.

    As I always lament, I not a Cdcian, nor do i have any relative in the CDC administration, but looking at things afar, the one they claim could not read nor write, is performing better than those who have the academic accolades.

    To the people of Nimba and Rural Liberia: We are so often caught up in anger and despair brought to us by the past that we forget to appreciate our journey, especially those amazing things that are happening. If only those things had happened some 40 years ago in the time of plenty, we wouldn’t have been where we are now. So, the ten thousands mile journey must start with a very first step. Those who are holding the blue prints for development, we must tell them that it’s 170 years past (excluding Tolbert), nothing been done. So, keep holding it.

    I dedicate this one to the class of 1996-97 Well-Hairston High School.
    Joseph Nyennegbo
    Isaac Philips
    Michael Zion
    Fahnbollie Jabateh
    Theresa Kpah
    Zubah Kolubah… and many others.

    From: Mamadu Bah (N/P) Nurse Practitioner, Adelaide Australia.
    May God bless the masses of Liberia who have being lie to for years.


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