Ganta Methodist Hospital Under Renovation

Ganta United Methodist Hospital

The Ganta United Methodist Hospital (GUMH) is at present undergoing a massive renovation process giving it a face-lift to emerge as one of the best health facilities in the country.

Hospital administrator Patrick Martor told the Daily Observer that the laboratory department is currently under renovation, after which it will be much more effective as a place to diagnose basic diseases.

Martor said the newly renovated lab will now contain a blood bank, perform chemistry analysis, and be equipped with modern microscopic and centrifuge machines.

He explained that the funding for the renovation was provided by the ‘Imagine No Malaria’ group under the Global Health Mission.

“The group is ensuring that all children should grow free of malaria and infectious diseases,” he said.

“Currently, we have an Information Technology (IT) room, under the Esther Program, with funds from DFIC through the Christian Health Association of Liberia (CHAL) with a chapter  established at the hospital for conducting video conferences with doctors around the globe.”

He noted that in the IT room, “we have a giant video screen on the wall through which we are able to discuss with doctors who are expertise in infectious disease control.”

He said they have held regular conferences with doctors on the prevention of infectious diseases and how to keep the hospital clean and safe from the spread of communicable diseases.

“This IT room can be found in nearly all the faith-based hospitals in the country where they all benefit from the conference,” Martor said.

The hospital is meanwhile constructing a new building in anticipation of the relocation of the generator house because of its proximity to the hospital’s main complex.

“We are constructing another building to house the generator, because the present power house is very close to the main building. Again, we are adding an extension building to the drug store, where transporting vans will easily enter with drugs for storage,” he said.

The hospital is also anticipating the modernization of its operation theaters, depending on if and when donors release the required US$500,000 for the work, he said.


  1. I am dispensing technician hold HND in pharmacy will like to know if there is a vacancy in your establishment institution.thank you lm Edward Arthur


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