Ganta Hospital Gets New Dentist

Mr. Patrick Mantor, outgoing GUMH Adm

Replacing Dr. Shane Sam Mathew, Indian dentist who died in fire last year

A little over four months since Dr. Shane Sam Mathew, an Indian Dentist died in a fire accident at the Ganta United Methodist Hospital on September 3, 2017, another Indian dentist has taken assignment at the hospital for a period of 10 months.

Speaking to the Daily Observer via mobile phone, the outgoing administrator of the hospital, Mr. Patrick Mantor, said the new dentist, Dr. Thurgen Caszo, took assignment at the hospital about two weeks ago and is expected to be at the hospital for the next months with the possibility of an extension.

He said, Dr. Caszo will provide all dentist care, while at the same time serving as instructor for dental nurse practitioners at the United Methodist College of Health Sciences in Ganta.

Mr. Mantor explained that, despite the sad death of Dr. Mathew, the relationship subsisting between the GUMH and Christian Dental College in Ludhunia, India remains strong and the institution has vowed to send in dentists at anytime.

“Dr Abi Thomas, President of the Christian Dental College and I have been in conversation, where he assured the hospital of more cooperation and he made it possible to send this dentist,” he said.

He said the newly assigned doctor was once assigned at the hospital in 2016 and he again decided to come back through the instrumentality of Dr. Thomas.

The apartment house, where the Dr. Shane Sam Mathew met his demise, when the house gutted on fire mysteriously

The new incoming dentist, Dr. Caszo said even though he was upset about the sudden death of Dr. Mathew,  he was not afraid or discouraged from coming to serve in Ganta.

However, Mr Mantor has said that all mechanisms  have been put into place to stop the recurrence of fire disasters, which led to the sad death of Dr. Mathew.

“We have put in place all security conditions, including emergency exits, fire extinguishers and deployed security at the residence of the new doctor and all other doctors or residents to ensure that non of these things happen,” he said.

On September 3, 2017 the duplex that housed Dr. Mathew was gutted by fire mysteriously, burning down the apartments and left Dr. Mathew dead. One of the doctor was not in his apartment at the time. The cause of the fire is yet to be established, but people believe it may had come from the generator room, because at the time the general power line was down.


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