Ganta Faces Several Lapses


Nimba County Superintendent Fong Zuagele has urged the newly inducted Acting City Mayor of Ganta, Benjamin Dokpa, to lead his people diligently as the City of Ganta faces several lapses.

According to the Superintendent, Ganta lacks a good water and sanitation system, has no paved streets, lacks a modern city hall, a proper cemetery and even a decent market building.  The city, Nimba’s commercial capital, also lacks a place to deposit garbage.

These lapses, the Superindent added, cannot be addressed without the involvement of the people.  The leadership’s task is to motivate the citizens to get involved.

“Lead your people, but don’t rule them, because it is through good leadership that you will be able to tackle and address the challenges that lie ahead” he told the new Ganta mayor.

Supt. Zuagele also cautioned the citizens to give all necessary support to their new mayor.

The new acting mayor of Ganta was inducted last Friday. He replaces Mr. Dorr Cooper, who is now Assistant Superintendent of Development of Nimba.

Mayor Dokpa is the youngest of all the city mayors who have served Ganta.

Ganta being one of the metropolitan cities in Liberia, is faced with many challenges, including safe drinking water, a city hall, playground, streets to enable businesses to operate as well as sanitation and garbage disposal facilities.

Beside the main highway leading from Monrovia, there is nowhere in Ganta for business activities to flourish  due to lack of roads and streets to establish another business district in the city.

Avery Nenwah, an educator, said, “We are looking at these tasks, but without budgetary support from government, the city will not be able to develop into the type of city we want to see.”

“As we speak, there is no budgetary allotment in the national budget for Ganta, but the government collects huge revenue from Ganta alone every year,” he claimed.

Ganta is one of the leading rural revenue collectorates, according to last year’s Ministry of Finance Report, but there is nothing in Ganta for citizens and the business community to enjoy; nor is there a vehicle to remove dirt far from city center.  Thus garbage poses a threat to business and the city at large.


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