Ganta City Mayor Apologizes to Rep. Kolubah

Mayor Suah: "We hold nothing against Rep. Kolubah, because Ganta is open to all."

-Admits to human error

Ganta City Mayor, Amos N.G. Suah has admitted that his comments on May 2, 2019, that he could not guarantee security for Montserrado County District #10 Representative, Yekeh Kolubah, during his visit to Ganta on May 4 was an error.

Mayor Suah, who expressed his contrition to journalists after meeting with the Minister of Justice in Monrovia on Friday, May 10, 2019 said, “The way people sometimes understand issues in our communities is what caused me to make the statement; every man can make an error, and I am not too big to say sorry for errors I make.

“For this reason, I extend a candid apology to Rep. Kolubah and all those who might have felt otherwise for the statement. I will not repeat such, because I now acknowledge Kolubah as a sitting lawmaker, who I  cannot demean in any form or manner,” Suah told a news conference on Friday in Monrovia.

It can be recalled that when Rep. Kolubah expressed interest in visiting Ganta in late April to meet his supporters, many Nimbaians called on local radios and registered their disdain for his visit, threatening that if he steps on the county’s soil, he should blame himself for refusing to heed their warnings.

Even though the Liberian Constitution is clear in Article 13(a) that “Every person lawfully within the Republic shall have the right to move freely throughout the country to reside in any part thereof, and to leave therefrom subject however to the safeguard of public security, order, health or morals or the rights and freedom of others,” the rejection of Rep. Kolubah by some segment of Nimbaians presented a public sentiment that they were considering the county not part of Liberia, but an area governed exclusively by a separate constitutional leadership.

While monitoring Radio Kergheamahn (RKFM) in Ganta, prior to the arrival of Rep. Kolubah, a caller said, “Our county does not have a good name, and so, we do not want Yekeh Kolubah to come here; if he wants to mobilize people for the planned June 7 “peaceful protest,” he can do so in his district, because Nimba is not his county to come and mobilize.”

In a counter view, another caller said “the country is for every Liberian, and Nimba is within Liberia, so no one can stop Yekeh Kolubah from coming to Ganta; therefore, we will receive him as one of our own.”

Earlier, Nimba County Senator Prince Y. Johnson had sent a message that Nimbaians should not join the June 7 planned protest on grounds that it may spark up violence that may lead to blood bath.

Sen. Johnson is considered the political “godfather” of the county, whose political instruction is highly heeded by many Nimbaians.

In spite of the threat and comment by Mayor Suah that he cannot guarantee security for Rep. Kolubah; the lawmaker went to Ganta and was warmly received by a mammoth crowd, contrary to the harm that some had wished for him.

Meanwhile, Mayor Suah’s apology and admittance to error followed consultation with the Justice Ministry on Friday, May 10. Though he could not say how the discussion went, he was invited by Justice Minister Frank Musa Dean following his unfortunate utterance, to come to Monrovia to state why he would make a statement that would threaten the security for a sitting lawmaker.


  1. Mayor Suah statement that Ganta City will not gurantee security for Yeke Kolubah was quite in place and he doid not need to extend any apology but if he wants to make him feel good it is okay. Kolubah has not right to come to Nimba Couny to recruit our citizens to protest agains President Weah. Yeke Kolubah has insulted the sitting president of Liberia and made terrostistic threats, has he ever apologize? He is a damn ruse law maker and an old rebel leader who deserve no apology.

  2. You and Yekeh who is talking like a rebel? Didn’t u read the constitution that every Liberian is free to go anywhere they wish to go to in Liberia? Besides, Yekeh is a sitting law maker.

  3. The constitution says that Mr. Kpaahkai! Something must be wrong with you guys. Left to some of you, Nimba will be referenced a country of its own. For your information, once you are a citizen of Liberia, you have the right to travel and reside in any part of the country. Nimba like all other counties, belongs to all Liberians regardless of where in Liberian an individual hails from. Have you thought of what the country would be like if we were being granted permits to visit each other counties? Is that the kind of country you want Liberia to become? The city mayor did the right thing by apologizing for his action, and I hail him for that!


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