Ganta Border Under Renovation

Front view of the terminal,

The terminal at the Ganta Main Border is undergoing renovation, so as to give boost to economic activities at the border.

Speaking to the Daily Observer on Tuesday, December 12, 2017, the chief contractor and project manager of the KY and Kay Real Estate Modern Architecture, Surveying and General Construction Service Inc, the firm hired by the government to do the work, said the construction is intended to give the terminal a face-lift and also create conducive area for parking for trucks and other vehicles bringing goods in the country.

He put the cost of the project to about US$60,000, something he said will enable the company to install a concrete floor as parking lot and open and irrigation or drainage around building to avoid the area being muddy.

“We are ensuring that this terminal is in good condition, because, we are changing the entire floor and the transparent zinc and replacing with a new design,” he said.

The first design did not have drainage and the floor under the terminal collapsed in a shorter period, while the front of the terminal did not have a concrete floor as is it now.

Workers at  the border have expressed gratitude to the level of work that is ongoing at the terminal, presently.

“We are happy with this new work that is currently going on, because cars will not get stuck as has been the case, looking at the new design,” said one Miapeh, a revenue agent.

However, the construction firm also disclosed that they are extending the rehabilitation work to other rural ports in Nimba, including Yekepa and Loguatuo on additional cost.

Ganta Port is one of the most lucrative ports in Nimba and the country at large, but it has yet to gain a standard suitable to customers, due to lack of storage facilities for goods and any confiscated items.

In similar development, the Immigration Checkpoint at the border that was removed by the Ministry of Public Works, during the construction of the Gbarnga – Ganta Border road, is yet to be replaced.

An immigration officer told this paper that when the check for the reconstruction of the checkpoint was raised, Public Works took the check and promised to reconstruct the checkpoint, but has yet to do so.

Effort to get Public Works did not materialize.


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