Ganta Bats Mysteriously ‘Escape’, Ahead of Planned Attack on Them

The bats over the hospital prior to their departure.

Residents of Ganta City woke up Saturday morning, (January 13, 2018), to surprisingly discover that thousands of bats nesting at the compound of the Ganta United Methodist Hospital have mysteriously left their habitation after residents had decided a few days earlier to forcibly remove them.

The bats, numbered in their thousands have been nesting at the compound for several years, and have been blamed for causing disturbances around the hospital premises, which residents say, have retarded the growth of trees in the compound.

“The branches of trees are broken by these bats as if to say the trees were shelved,” said the outgoing hospital administrator, Patrick Martor. “These bats disturbed the hospital a lot, especially at night,” he said.  Due to disturbances from the bats, the hospital in collaboration with the Ganta City Authority decided to launch an all-out attack on the bats.

Surprisingly, after several days of public service announcement on local radios about the intended eviction exercise of the bats on Saturday, January 13, residents woke up to find out that the bats had disappeared.

Hunters who were hired from nearby villages to form part of the scheduled attacking force on the bats, along with dozens of residents, who were interested in bat meat and were gearing up to take advantage of the attack. They were disappointed because the bats were gone before the attack.

“We saw some boys with bags and wheelbarrows going toward the hospital to collect bats that would have been killed from the attack. They later returned with the news that the bats were all gone,” said Sister KT, a resident of Toweh Yard Community.

The disappearance of these bats from the hospital compound is the talk of the town in Ganta, with many believing that the bats were demonic and that their mission around the hospital could be demonic as well. This was why they left, “as if to say they were human and knew what was coming for them.”

“How did the bats know that they were going to be attacked? Why have they all gone?” a young lady asked. “It is so mysterious and surprising for bats to take precaution by flying away.”

Some citizens have been taking advantage of dried bat meat from the Southeast that are being sold in the market.


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