Gangsters’ Spree Intensifies in Deprived, Isolated Monrovia Settlements


As the festive Season of Christmas draws nearer in Monrovia and other parts of the country, suspected criminal gangsters have intensified their sustained attacks on homes and business entities.

According to several reports and information obtained by the Daily Observer, majority of the suspected attacks by the notorious gangsters are being allegedly carried out in deprived and isolated settlements in Monrovia.

In general term, residents and business entity owners want the Liberia National Police (LNP) leadership to consider as critical some sustained surveillance of the most affected urban neighborhoods.

Interestingly, while Liberian security agencies are planning and designing concrete strategies intended to combat the constant  attacks on homes and business entities, suspected criminals are one step ahead.

Principally, affected community residents and business entities told the Daily Observer early this week that security agencies must triple steps aimed at beating back the shockwave of suspected criminal activities across the country.

It may interest all Liberians from whatever background that at the moment the population of Monrovia in recent weeks has escalated to the extent that suspected criminal activities have intensified sharply in the country.

Monrovia, the nation’s capital,  has received volumes of visitors including Christmas and New Year shoppers, mixed with suspected criminals from several parts of the country.

In several tours of some deprived and isolated Monrovia’s settlements last week, many residents and businesspeople expressed grave concern over the frequency of criminal attacks.

Urban community settlements  badly hit include Wood Camp, Joe Bar, GSA Road, Soul Clinic, Red-light, Morris Farm in Paynesville and Logan Town, Duala and West Point.

Asked as to when the suspected criminal gangsters most of the times storm those areas, residents and businesspeople told the Daily Observer that their notorious acts are carried out at late night hours.

In separate interviews conducted by the Daily Observer in some of the affected communities last week, they expressed grave concern over the deteriorating gangsters’ attacks on homes and business entities in Monrovia and its environs.

At the Morris Farm Community northeast of Monrovia, residents and small businesspeople there called on the LNP leadership to step some sustained night patrols in order to combat the suspected criminals’ nightmares.

Resident Hawa B. Stevenson, 48, pointed out that the LNP administration must design other sustained security strategies to would beat back the current wave of criminal activities at the Morris Farm Community.

“We are nowadays living in perpetual fear owing to the sustained visits of the suspected criminals during our most important sleeping times in this place,” Madam Stevenson said.

Madam Esther K. Sackie, 54, a small businesswoman at the Soul Clinic Community northwest of the Paynesville business district,  intimated that the LNP leadership must begin now to design new strategies that would enhance night patrols in isolated and deprived communities in Monrovia.

The current strategies in place are not working to beat the current wave of criminal activities in most of Monrovia’s neighborhoods, she said.

“I would like for the LNP administration to pay more attention to the police night patrol teams in order to enhance their effectiveness in combating suspected criminals in Monrovia,” Madam Sackie stressed.

She underscored the need to buttress the current efforts of the Community Watch Teams (CWTs) in protecting the various neighborhoods in Monrovia.   


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