Gallons of Safe Drinking Water Go to Waste


Residents near Caldwell Junction, close to the Duala Central Mosque in Monrovia, have alerted the Liberia Water & Sewer Corporation (LWSC) to contain a situation in the community where ‘some thieves’ made away with the cover of a water pipe, resulting to the loss of thousands of gallons of safe drinking water spouting from the pipe.

“We woke up to see the water gushing from the pipe,” a resident told the Daily Observer. “It began last Friday. Imagine the gallons of water that have been wasted.”

Many residents say they depend on mineral water for drinking, and use water from hand pumps and wells to take care of chores. Therefore, for clean water to waste like that for the last couple of days while they could do nothing to prevent it has been frustrating for them.

“I wanted to call Water and Sewer to take care of this but I have no number to do so,” said another resident, who said he heard that “some thieves” took away the cover to the water pipe.

It was not clear why anyone would remove the cover to the pipeline and many residents interviewed expressed concern about it.

“If it is true that what held the water was removed by some thieves, it is possible that they could come back when it is replaced,” another resident said. It could not be confirmed if the cover was any of the fittings that could be sold to scrap dealers or spare parts hunters.

In the past, the Ministry of Public Works suffered from manhole covers that were stolen and sold to scrap-metal dealers. The Ministry at the time held meetings with scrap-metal dealers, who worked along with the Ministry to prevent such deliberate fleecing of public property.


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