GAC Reacts to Kings FM Talk Show Tirade

Auditor General of Liberia, Mrs. Yusador S. Gaye: “In several communications, I recommended that COVID-19 funds should be centralized with a dedicated financial management team for the purpose of accountability."

The General Auditing Commission (GAC) says it regrets the allegations made against its Auditor General, Ms. Yusador S. Gaye, on the Kings FM flagship Talk Show recently.

The GAC described the allegations made by the host, Robert Haynes, as a “well planned conspiratorial attempt to willfully castigate and defame the character of the Auditor General for the political gains of his sponsors.”

A Daily Observer investigation has revealed that the Roberts International Airport (RIA) paid US$50,000 for three years to the General Auditing Commission instead of the US$600,000 Haynes claimed on the show.

A document in the possession of the Daily Observer confirmed that the RIA paid the US$50,000 into the GAC account, and not into any individual’s account as alleged on the show.

The GAC audited the John F. Kennedy Health Center for three years (2012/2013, 2013/2014, and 2014/2015) and did not receive any money from the institution.

The document also shows the John F. Kennedy authorities requested another audit for the period of 2015/2016 and 2016/2017, for which they agreed to pay US$40,000, and paid 50 percent of the amount (U$S10,000 and L$1,300,000 at the rate of L$130 per US$1) into the GAC account.

According to the agreement, the JFK agreed to pay the 50 percent upon signing the engagement letter, 25 percent upon issuance of the management letter, and the remaining 25 percent upon issuance of the final audit report. The audit is currently ongoing.

The document also indicated that the GAC and the National Port Authority (NPA) entered into a five-year agreement valued at US$100,000 which ran from 2012 to 2016. It said 50 percent of the money has been paid into the GAC account and not into any individual’s account, as speculated on the Talk Show.

According to Section 37 (3) of the Public Finance Management Act of 2009, rates and amounts of audit fees are to be charged and determined by the Minister in consultation with the Auditor General during the preparation of the budget.

The Act states that such an amount shall be placed in the budget of the General Auditing Commission (GAC).

Section 5.3 of the GAC Act states that the Auditor General may charge fees for the conduct of audits undertaken on behalf of international aid agencies, unanticipated audit requests, state owned enterprise funds and autonomous commissions that are not funded directly from the state budget, and such amounts shall be remitted to the consolidated fund net of audit costs.

The GAC, in its reaction, termed as “erroneous and wicked the claims that the Auditor General siphoned fees charged by the GAC to conduct audits of state-owned enterprises, donors, and ministries.”

The commission clarified that all funds paid to the GAC by state owned enterprises, donors, and ministries are strictly paid out to the GAC, and that such funds are duly accounted for.

The GAC also rubbished claims by Robert Haynes that Auditor-General Gaye connived with the printer of the GAC Act of 2014 at the Foreign Ministry and tampered with the legislature approved tenure of four years for service of the Auditor General to seven years.

The GAC Act of 2014, particularly Chapter 2.1.5, states that the Auditor General is appointed for one term of seven years.


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