GAC Poised to Audit Legislature


Credible reports gathered by the Daily Observer revealed a major audit of the Legislature by the General Auditing Commission (GAC) is in sight.

According to our Capitol Building sources, House Speaker and Deputy J. Alex Tyler and Hans Barchue are leading the conversation with the anti-graft commission in order to authorize the audit of the Legislature, particularly the House of Representatives.

Our sources hinted that the audit will focus on the House’s expenditures and other procurement processes as executed by the lower chamber of the first branch of government.

GAC has agreed to conduct the audit which will be announced during a major press conference shortly.

The audit will cover expenditure of the House from three years back to the present.

“It’s important that an audit be conducted on the Legislature to inform Liberians how public resources entrusted to lawmakers are expended. The Legislature is faced with serious criticisms over how it conducts its financial affairs, and as such, Capitol Building financial books must be opened to the public for transparency and accountability.

“The Legislature has to fight to regain the broken integrity it has experienced over the period, and by doing this you strengthen public confidence in the Legislature and promote transparency and accountability in the three branches of government,” our sources asserted.

Also scheduled to be covered by the audit are disbursing individuals and committees of the House including, but not limited to  Madam Elizabeth Pelham, Comptroller, former Chair and Co-chair of the Ways, Means and Finance Committee, Representatives Emmanuel Nuquay and Prince Moyes. They are all primary signatories to the account of the House at the Central Bank of Liberia (CBL).

The Finance Committee is the custodian of all financial matters   relating to the lower chamber.  

Rep. Edwin M. Snowe will also be audited because of his leading role as former chairman of one of the most powerful committees of the Legislature, the Rules, Order and Administration Committee, which made him a key player in the day-to-day operations of the House.

Even though Grand Bassa County Representative J. Byron Brown just assumed the position, the GAC broom will not spare him because he (Brown) served as Snowe’s co-chair.

Not to be exempted is clergyman and politician, Grand Kru County Representative George Blamoh, who is Chairman on Executive and therefore signatory to the account.

How soon the long awaited “heavy political decision” will be taken remains to be seen as the audit is eagerly awaited by the public, our sources said.


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