GAC Clarifies Media Reports on PSDI


The General Auditing Commission (GAC) has clarified that it has never provided an analysis or a conclusion on the Private Sector Development Initiative (PSDI) Draft Audit Report as reported in the local media.

The GAC, in a release yesterday, said that the attributions and columns appearing in local newspaper publications regarding the PSDI Draft Audit Report are the personal opinion of one of its employees, Dwana Bakongo Sasay, who is currently studying in the People’s Republic of China.

Mr. Sasay has written articles about the PSDI Draft Audit Report that has appeared in local newspapers but the GAC added that Sasay’s personal opinion or commentary does not in any way represent the professional opinion or conclusion of the GAC.

“Mr. Sasay’s commentary is contrary to the commission’s policy and outside the scope of his employment obligations. At no time has the commission commented or issued an official position against the report in any form or manner,” the release said.

The GAC in its release informed media outlets that any publication attributed to the commission would normally emulate from the communications department and authorized by the auditor general.


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