Full Gospel Businessmen Eye Investments in Liberia


-Want to help take millions out of poverty

A nine–man delegation from the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International (FGBMFI) Nigeria chapter, recently arrived in the country to scout business opportunities for possible investments. The men, many of whom are well known business tycoons, but guided by Christian principles, announced their mission in the country as one to safe lives through the gospel, and human prosperity in accordance with the teachings of Christ, and the dictates of the Bible.

Among members of the delegation is Nigeria’s first Battalion Commander under ECOMOG from the Liberian civil crisis, Retired General Yakubu Usman, who recalls his days in the country about 29 years ago when the Roberts International Airport (RIA) was a “no–go zone” during the crisis.

Shortly after members of the delegation arrived at the Roberts International Airport (RIA) in Margibi County, the group’s Liberia Airlift Mission Coordinator, Boma Simeon Anga, said their vision is to lift a million impoverished Liberians out of poverty by connecting them to business opportunities, promoting “doing business in the fear of God,” and eliminating corruption.

“We are here to achieve success stories, and connect Liberians to opportunities that can help them start their journey to building wealth, and lifting as many as million people out of poverty,” Anga told reporters at the airport.

“Our target is to connect to Pro–poor strategy that can lift hundreds of thousands, if not millions, out of poverty, though Nigeria is facing the same economic meltdown, we are addressing the situation head-on,” he said.

The group held a business conference over the weekend, during which time they expressed the need to explore  business opportunities in Liberia with a focus on the agricultural sector, placing specific emphasis on cassava production.

Anga recalled how Liberia is going through difficult times, especially economic related challenges, but said that the Fellowship supports President George Weah’s Pro–poor Agenda.

He said the Fellowship will shortly showcase opportunities for growing the country’s economy, and collecting businessmen and women through global opportunities that can help them build wealth, and solve the problem of poverty.

He said that the Fellowship has already briefed President Weah about its agenda, meet with other relevant cabinet ministers, important stakeholders, members of the Legislature and the Judiciary.

One of the major aims of the visit was to establish an eminent chapter of the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship.

FGBMI local chapter president, Arthur W.B. Fumbah, said one thing the group brings to the country is the promotion of doing business in the fear of God, eliminating corruption, teaching about proper tax payment, remitting people’s money, and earning trust in the business environment.

FGBMI Liberia president, Mr. Arthur Fumba

According to Mr. Fumbah, the group will have an engagement with authorities of the National Investment Commission (NIC), expressing happiness that the conference is coming at a time Liberia is having an economic dialogue to improve on its economic situations.

“They are all coming in to assess; we have educators, who are all coming in to assess business opportunity,” says Mr. Fumbah.

He revealed that the leading promoter of cassava product is part of the delegation, coming with an idea on how cassava can be used as another viable staple food, and business opportunity.

“They are coming to collaborate with other Liberians, whatever that is on the ground. That is why we are a Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship,” he said.

Dr. Jude Ememe said the delegation is here for a strategic partnership as part of FGBMFI’s custom to reach out to nations to support the work of the Lord.

“Primarily we are here to propagate the gospel; to have collaboration with the business community to see how we can promote the work…,” he said.

He said that training program will be held to share experience and knowledge with business people to impact wealth creation and empower them spiritually.

The delegation is headed by Dr. Jeremiah Abutu, Medical Director at Gerab Hospitals, Nigeria and District Coordinator of FGBMFI.

Other members are the past battalion commander of Nigeria’s first peacekeeping group under ECOMOG to Liberia, Rtd Gen. Yakubu Usman; Major General Peter Ebhalem; Medical Doctor Jeremiah Abutu; African Union – NEPAD Pan African Cassava Initiative Chairman, Boma Simeon Anga.


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