Full FRR Clean-up Unlikely Before December 26?

Given the enormity of the task at hand measured against time constraints, NEC claims that it has already cleaned up 85% of the FRR.

As the Supreme Court reviews the arguments presented by both sides — the National Elections Commission (NEC) and the Unity Party (UP) — following its hearings into the Bill of Information filed by the UP, it appears highly unlikely that the mandate given by the Supreme Court to have NEC clean up the Final Registration Roll(FRR) and publish same at all Election Magisterial offices and polling places around the country will be accomplished before the new December 26 runoff date announced by NEC.

A major question expected to be addressed is whether the runoff will be allowed to proceed absent any evidence of full implementation of the Supreme Court’s mandate calling for the clean-up of the FRR, to ensure that multiple names of identification numbers are removed,  its publication at all polling centers and Magisterial offices and its vetting by the public  before December 26.

In its argument before the Supreme Court yesterday the National Elections Commission (NEC) claimed that the clean-up of the FRR had attained an 85 percent completion rate which, by its own estimation, would be completed 100 percent before the runoff with a mere 7 days remaining to its unilaterally declared date of December 26.

Speaking to the Daily Observer after the Supreme Court hearings yesterday, an official of the Unity Party questioned the veracity of averments made by NEC to the effect that the clean-up of the FRR had already achieved 85 percent completion up to the date of the hearings yesterday, noting that given the enormity of the task at hand measured against time constraints, it appears unlikely that the date (December 26) would hold.

Mr. Cole Bangalu stated that in the wake of the Supreme Court ruling, a meeting called by NEC to address this very issue ended inconclusively as a result of NEC Chairman Jerome Korkoya’s blatant refusal to produce the FRR, which he insisted had been cleaned and stood in no further need of any clean-up.

Mr. Bangalu further stated that it was only late yesterday that the UP received a letter from NEC inviting its representatives to a meeting today to discuss proposed steps to be taken as well as the methodology to be employed in the clean-up exercise. Up to this point, it still remains unclear whether the Supreme Court in its ruling will consider the issue of Korkoya’s recusal as requested by the UP.

Yesterday’s hearings were intended to look into the Unity Party (UP) complaint asking the Court to stop the electoral body from proceeding with the runoff, if it does not fully comply with the mandates, including the cleaning of the voter’s roll, which the UP claimed was fraught with irregularities.


  1. When and how Will NEC concentrate on, and complete their job, if we continue to distract them? Complaint, complaint and complaint. What is going on?
    The ruling Unity Party was responsible for planning and holding of these elections, but they are behaving worse than the opposition parties. The present set up of the National Elections Commission is their making. So, I believe, what the Unity Party is trying to accomplish is to run Liberia into a constitutional crisis that could lead to civil disobedience and subsequent instability.

    • Mr. Dikenah, the Unity Party is no way responsible for the ongoing election crisis. The Election Commission Chairman is no llonger working in the interest of Liberia . He is solely working for the president and CDC. The Unity Party has all rights to ensure that the election is free and fair. We will not sit there and allow NEC to run this country into crisis. NEC must comply with all the mandates from the Supreme Court. President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is behind and supporting all stuborndness by NEC Chairman. She has abandoned her party and wants nothing good comes from it. But we still love and believe that JNB is the right person for this job. Weah has no presidential credentials and experience to lead this nation. We want a leader and not a ruler. JNB is a leader. All those greedy and selfish politicians behind Weah just want to plunge this nation into a political mess! We will take advantage of the law and ensure transparency. So you can go ahead and say what you want to say sir. Mr. Kokoyah has betrayed the trust and confidence of the Liberian people by creating false and duplicated voter IDs. We do not want any puppet and dommy to lead us.

      • Unfortunately, because you want JNB to be king of Liberia, you will not impose him on the people of Liberia. Isaac D. Dikenah is so on point that you are force to expose the plot of your UP entire strategy – because EJS isn’t with your to help you steal the election, you run out of options – UP only way out is an unwarranted constitutional crisis of INTERIM GOVERNMENT. Simply, the UP is now shamelessly playing a role of spoiler. No wonder CWB and ABC are playing longhand game with the Liberian people.

        • You sound very much like the typical CDC street hawker whose pedestrian thought process is too narrow to see the clear difference between a qualified presidential candidate and a clueless footballer. To the more enlightened mind, the difference between the two run-off candidates is like night (Oppong Weah) and day (JNB).

    • Isaac,
      How long has this election process be going on in Liberia? Don’t you want an election that you want to be proud off, or you are so blind that anything will do. Its about time that we Liberians get our house in order, oelse this election thing will go on and on. You can recall that during the last two election Mr. Weah has metain that he was cheated, why don’t you want the process to be clean, so next time around we can not go through this same thing over and over!!!!!!!!!

  2. It’s about time that the Supreme Court closes its doors to the UP. If UP does not want to participate in the runoff, they can simply sit it out. I think the Liberian people are tired of their complaints. The elections will be held on the 26th.

  3. I just feel some people don’t want us to have election in Liberia, so we can go back to that interim gov’t stuff where we will suspend the constitution and print new money find one businessman to be chairman and wait for two wasted years doing shit as a nation.

  4. No, you are absolutely wrong. The Supreme Court must listen and will not close its doors as you are saying. NEC must implement all mandates from the Supreme Court. Thousands and thousands of CDC members or partisans are in possession of duplicated voter IDs created by NEC. We are not stupid. This is the reason Mr. Kokoyah is refusing to clean the FRR. We have tested the system and discovered that one person has three or more same voter IDs. We will not condone this to happen until there is genuine transparency. If you think that CDC alone can go the poll without Unity Party participation, then let them try it. Liberian people want transparency and are not tired. Who are you to insist election must be held on December 26? It appears like you lack common sense. Christmas celebration in Liberia is huge. Normally after Christmas Day people are exhausted or tired. Some people have left and gone to celebrate it with friends and relatives. This date is unrealistic! Why not December 29 to give people chance to return home or from Christmas break?

    • What’s your problem, Mr. UP? FRR not clean on time, or election date on the 26th? 26th or the 29th, UP will be booted out of power by the people of Liberia. Go find work in the private sector.

  5. How many of these inciters made 100% on their finals? How many made 50 Liberian dollars out of $999 United States Dollars? How many got 34% registered voters out of 100%? How many votes is 9%? 57% is the present majority. This the final component. The voting poll in not a school ground. It is a life area. Answer the majority.
    Do no rely my box.

  6. This nation has come a long way. we must exercise restraint to give justice a chance. It is necessary to be in court than to turn to the bullets. The origin of our crises have been electioneering. Therefore, it is appropriate to exhaust all legal proceeding before the supreme court and go to these elections in peace. Anything that is not done properly is not done at all. Liberia is a country of law, and not men. Some of us profound interest in these election is genuine peace and democratic sustenance. Once there is peace, this nation is bound to flourish. Our anxiety to get quick power and amass wealth for personal glorification should not be the basis to hurry the election when there are odds and hurdles.

    • Where were the courts in 2005 and 2011? Did we have the courts then? Why is Unity Party which is the current ruling party in charge of the functions of the Executive Branch of Government, including the National Elections Commission, find fault with an institution they set in place? This can only happen in today’s Liberia! It seems as if Mr. Boakai does not have a clue that he is the sitting Vice President in a Unity Party Administration. He has been occupying that position for twelve (12) unbroken years and yet he has no clue of his responsibility in government.

    Remove Jerome Korkoya and team and start the run-off afresh! Someone is behind and
    continue instruct this man and team in order to ensure the first result. But, will the
    Supreme Court of Liberia be loyal to its own mandate, ensuring that the Liberian people,
    at least, have the chance to participate in their all-important elections? I think that is what
    the Supreme Court meant and it must ensure that the FRR is clean up for voter transparency!

  8. Mr Charles Anders,
    It seems that you’re taking VP Boakai to task without really investigating what his reasons are. Liberians need a flawless election. That’s all VP Boakai is all about.That’s not asking too much. On the other hand, you’re right about the number of years he has served. But as a VP, he didn’t call the shots. The president, Mrs. Johnson-Sirleaf was in control.

    Chalk, as you know mighty well, VP Boakai is being maligned because of the number of years he has served. The gentleman has done no evil. He is not perfect, of course.

    Liberian people sometimes act like the Americans. Of course, that’s not egregiously out of whack. Example, when Hillary Clinton ran last year, she seemed to be a shoo-in. Obama did a very good job. So why didn’t Hillary Clinton win? The reason is that the Americans were fed up with one particular party being in the cockpit for a long time. The truth has been told. You know it.
    In Liberia, “some” voters cannot stand VP Boakai because the UP has ruled Liberia for nearly 12 years now.
    Give Boakai a break!

  9. Isaac, blaming everything that goes wrong is UP. When will you have a clear thinking mind?. Anything that is done wrong is not done at all, do you know that? If instruction is given you and is not followed, you have not done any work. It very cleared that your NEC has not followed court mandate. I understand you are one of the many that love CDC, likewise but lets leave blaming others for error made in the past. Merry Xmas


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