Fulfilling “The Sheikh’s” Dream


New Sheikh Kafumba Konneh Foundation Distributes Food for Ramadan

By Samuka V. Konneh

No matter how little it was, the late Sheikh Kafumba Konneh, found a heart to share with others, irrespective of their religious, tribal or political affiliation. Many people who attended his funeral back in 2015 attested his kindness and peaceful nature in different forms. His goodness went beyond food.

He would provide scholarships for the needy; food for the hungry; water for the thirsty; home for the homeless and money for the broke.  Some family members would accuse him of looking more after people outside than those closer to him.

Such was the man who led the National Muslim Council from 1999 to 2015 as chairman. He also served in different leadership roles for the Inter-Religious Council of Liberia, mediating peace and harmony among political actors and warring factions. Virtually all his service to Liberia was around peace, reconciliation and harmony; from the National Reconciliation and Reunification Commission (NRRC) to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC).

Almost four years after his death, family and friends are working towards ensuring he’s never lost in the pages of history, and that what he stood for, remained alive.

That is why the Sheikh Kafumba F. Konneh Foundation for Peace has been established. Official launching is expected soon in Monrovia.

Sheikh Kafumba Konneh Foundation shares Ramadan food items with a local mosque.

But ahead of it all, the charity over the weekend relived one of The Sheikh’s histories – giving. Nine (9) mosques in Monrovia, including Topoe’s Village, Iron Factory, Black Jinnah, Chicken Farm, Duala, 17th Street, Salafiya, Gurley Street and Benson Street mosques received at least forty six bags of rice to ease the remaining ten days of the holy month of Ramadan.

Making the presentation, the Foundation’s executive director, Maseba Konneh, described the donation as re-living her father’s aspiration for a better Liberia. Ms. Konneh, who recently relocated from the United States of America, promised to work diligently to keep her father’s dream alive.

Receiving the donation, the chief imam of the Black Jinnah mosque, Ishmail Sessay, thanked the Foundation and said it couldn’t have come at a better time.

“Alhamdullilah for this donation. Sheikh Kafumba lived his life to serve Liberia and promote Islam. He did that until he passed away. May Allah reward him. We’re really happy for his children and family to have put this Foundation together to serve Liberia. What these children are doing is what their father did all his life. These are the kind of children we pray for Allah to give us, as parents.”

For the imam of the Topoe’s Village mosque, every day is a day to miss The Sheikh. “Whether you (Foundation) are here or not, we miss him every day. We miss him because of what he did for this country. Sheikh sacrificed his life for Liberia. May Allah forgive him and grant us an appropriate replacement,” said Imam Sulaiman Sannoh.


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