Fuamah District Prepares for 2nd Cultural Festival Day in Bong County

The water bucket race is one of the highlights of the Fuamah Cultural Festival Day.

This week, for the second consecutive year, the five clans of Fuamah District will (Haindii, Yarbayon, Dobli and Zaweakomu Clans) will compete among themselves in a kind of village sports meet, celebrating the activities that has characterized life in the district and inspire unity among the residents.

With great anticipation, based on the resounding success of the 2019 edition, the Organizing committee have disclosed that on January 18, 2020, the Haindii Fuamah Cultural Festival Day is a sure case. Preparations are well underway for the festival, which will take place in Haindii, located on the bank of the St. Paul River.

The festival will comprise several competitive activities, including the water-tote race, the sack race, the cultural dance competition and the canoe race.

On January 19, 2019, residents of Fuamah District turned out in their numbers to witness and to participate in an all-day festival; first of its kind in Haindii, headquarters of Fuamah District in Lower Bong County.

Mr. Joseph P. Keller, a senior citizen of Dobli Clan and sponsor of the festival said the objective was to bring his people together to work on different issues which he believes will uplift the district. The festival also seeks to rekindle the good and old memories of the past that define their district.

Keller challenged the clans to participate in the competition, which highlights the daily activities of the clans, to enable others to identify their secret to good health and long life.

Winners of the canoe race in the 2019 Fuamah Cultural Festival Day

Evangelist Lomini Goll, chairman of the 2019 event, said Team One, hailing from Marlomah clan, took first place in the canoe race after crossing the 275 feet stretch across St. Paul River and returned in 2 mins, 56 seconds, while Team two from Dobli Island won second place in 3 minutes and 7 seconds.

Mr. Keller assured residents that this year’s activities will be continue to celebrate life activities which “we do daily as chores, for instance, women toting buckets of water on their heads with babies on their backs, walk long distances and the water doesn’t waste. What is the secret?”

At the close of the event, winners of every competition danced away with cash prizes.

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  1. Greetings,
    Evangelist Lomini Goll and Mr. Keller,
    Congratulations to all of you from the Clans. Always keep your lheads up and continue moving. I have not been in Haidii Lutheran Campus (KP) for over 39 yeas. I am not sure if its still there but will surely will come
    there one of these days.

    God bless your.


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