FTP Identifies With LBS, JFK in Ebola Fight

Mr. Ballah presented the money to Mrs. Hunder, Deputy Director General for Administrationat LBS (left) water being display at the ETUJFK_web.jpg

The Flomo Theater Production, a local dramatic group, last Friday donated an amount of L$10,000 to the Liberia Broadcasting System (LBS) and several bottles of mineral water to the Ebola Treatment Unit within the compound of the John F. Kennedy Memorial Hospital.

The donation according to the authority of FTP is meant to intensify the fight against Ebola as the media and hospital have cardinal roles to play.

Presenting the items on behalf of the group, Siafa Ballah, Executive Director of FTP, said the donation is their own way of identifying with the station as well as people who had been infected with the virus and currently undergoing treatment at the Ebola Treatment unit at JFK.

Mr. Ballah said his organization is very much concerned about the rapid spread of the Ebola virus and the number of lives it continues to claim across the country.

FTP executive director asserted that the virus has become a national issue that must claim the attention of every Liberian and to also remind Liberians that Ebola is real and is able to destroy the entire nation and damage the economy if not handle with care.

He noted that the fight against the rapid spread of Ebola in West Africa must involve everyone to ensure that it is eradicated from the country.

Giving some historical information’s between Flomo Theater and LBS, Mr. Ballah said both institutions have a long history, especially when his father, late Peter Y. Ballah, Liberia culture icon was called in the 80s by the late Peter Nahga, former LBS Director General to produce a program that will be educative and informative to people of this country and he did it, that’s how the named came about “Our People, One people,” which was aired every morning on the station.

Based on that relationship, the theater has seen the need to contribute to the only state run radio station to help inform the people in the fifteen counties about Ebola.

In separate remarks, both institutions lauded the Flomo Theater Production group for the donation and promised that they will be used for it intended purpose.

The Flomo Theater Production (FTP) was established for the purpose of promoting peace, development and reconciliation in Liberia.

FTP is playing a meaningful role in the ongoing peace building, reconstruction and reconciliation programs in post war Liberia. The institution is interacting with national and international organizations at various levels to build peace through the preservation and promotion of Liberia’s cultural heritage.


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