FRTUL President Suspended

FRTUL National Executive Council Chairman Augustus Kamara told reporters that the decision of the council came after an investigation that found the President guilty for misapplication of the institutions’ funds

The National Executive Council (NEC) of the Federation of Road Transport Union of Liberia (FRTUL) has suspended its President-General, William Flomo for ‘misapplying US$10k’ meant for the union’s development.

The NEC reserves the right in keeping with the organization’s constitution to take action against members who may be caught in misconduct. 

The union’s NEC chairman, Augustus Kamara, told reporters recently that the decision of the council came after an investigation that found the President guilty of misapplication of the institutions’ funds given as a loan by the First International Bank (FIB Limited) between 2012/2013.

According to Mr. Kamara, the investigation against Flomo came after a complaint was filed by the Montserrado County chapter of the union.

Following the complaint, Kamara said a three-county committee investigation board was set up to probe into the allegation, which among other things found Flomo guilty of the allegation and order him to return the union Montserrado County land Deed over to the NEC for onward submission to the Montserrado County Local Executive Board Members.

“In the resolution, the Council also called for the Central Office to be audited from 2013 to 2020 in keeping with the FRTUL Bye-Laws and Constitution Article 59 #2, which states that if the allegation requires an audit, the accused should be audited and if found guilty, such person (s) shall face disciplinary action, restitute the amount involved and face appropriate legal action,” Kamara said.

However, William P. Flomo in response to the allegations against him, described the council’s decision as unfortunate. According to him, as far as he’s concerned, he remains the legitimate President of the federation.

” The documents in your possession are far from the truth, and I can’t give any credence to it. And, in fact, I have not received any letter of suspension from the council,” he said.


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