FRTUL Debunks Duncan’s Statements


The administration of the Federation of Road Transport Union of Liberia (FRTUL) has refuted claims by Crayton Duncan, former office assistant to former Central Bank of Liberia (CBL) Governor J. Mills Jones, that he (Crayton) controlled various organizations, including FRTUL, to ensure their inclusion in the former Governor’s business financial aid schemes.

According to a statement issued by FRTUL, Mr. Duncan did not control or influence the transport union through its connection with Dr. Jones.

“We at FRTUL wish to make it clear with emphasis that Mr. Duncan has held no control or influence, and will never have control of FRTUL,” the statement read.

It may be recalled that a fortnight ago Mr. Duncan, who served as office assistant to Dr. Jones for several years, came out to disassociate himself from the former Governor and pledged support to Vice President Joseph Boakai’s presidential bid.

Among his many allegations on radio in Monrovia, Duncan claimed he controlled and made it possible for most business organizations, including the FRTUL, to be financially empowered through the CBL microcredit loans.

Mr. Duncan has no followers or supporters in FRTUL as he claimed and never would, said the statement read by the organization’s Secretary General, Joe S. Wollie in Monrovia yesterday.

It added that FRTUL has a structure with the President-General as its head.

The statement noted that FRTUL has a National Executive Council, which is not only the highest decision making body, but is also clothed with the authority to make policy decisions and provide strategic direction for the organization.

The FRTUL position statement quoted Mr. Duncan as saying that FRTUL was in political discussions with him (Duncan), something the organization said never happened.

According to the organization, the warm reception its members gave Dr. Jones in various counties was to show their deepest appreciation for the “invaluable contributions” Dr. Jones made to transform the lives of ordinary Liberians, including FRTUL members.

FRTUL said it was predicated upon Dr. Jones’s contributions to them that the administration and members conferred on him the title of “Chief Driver of the Union”.

This, according to FRTUL, was not done through the influence of Mr. Duncan, but was instead done from conviction and belief in Dr. Jones’s work, which they claimed is making a significant impact on their lives as ordinary Liberians.

FRTUL further denied having any political discussion with Duncan as he claimed. They said their members were able to freely talk to Dr. Jones because he allows all irrespective of status to interact with him.

The umbrella organization for FRTUL and other organizations is the Grand Coalition of Liberian Organizations (GRANDCOALIO).

As a member of GRANDCOALIO, FRTUL’s administration noted that Duncan has also never been a member or a part of GRANDCOALIO, clarifying that the current leadership of GRANDCOALIO came into existence through a democratic mandate during a 2013 meeting in Monrovia.

FRTUL’s leadership said it is revealing the information to correct and dispel what it refers to as “falsehoods” spread by Mr. Duncan.


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