“From Country Giant to Country Rogue”?

As protesters gathered yesterday January 6, a little known musical artist raised the song beginning with the question, George Weah, George Weah, where is our money?

– Protesters taunt President Weah

Anti-government protesters have emerged with a new song, “From Country Giant to Country Rogue” to register their disdain for the way president George Weah is governing the country.  The protesters who gathered on Capitol Hill on Monday, January 6, 2020, contend that the Weah Administration is characterized by bad governance, economic hardship and corruption, despite President Weah’s promise in his inaugural address that he was going to fight corruption and end it.

It may be recalled that in 2017 the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) dwelt on the political song, “They Lie”, to denigrate the Unity Party and its standard-bearer Joseph Boakai, blaming the previous administration of bad governance, corruption, and other social ills.

Another song, the “Country Giant is Coming Again,” has been a regular prelude for Mr. Weah’s public appearances during his election campaign and well into the first year of his presidency. Now protesters, viewing the President as a disappointment to the masses who overwhelmingly voted him to the helm of national leadership, are no longer calling him the Country Giant, but “Country Rogue”.

As protesters gathered yesterday January 6, a little known musical artist raised the song beginning with the question, George Weah, George Weah, where is our money? From that point, the lyrics flowed with descriptions of the Weah Administration:

“From country giant to country rogue… things prices have increased but the government not get time…anything you touch they say da pro-poor; no drugs in the hospital, the same people that voted for you are the people suffering and dying due to poor health services; George Weah da rogue we will talk it today.”

The protesters, in contrast, hailed Henry Costa as their “Hero,” calling on the President to stop selective justice and reopen the investigation into the alleged murder of Odell Sherman and other rape cases for proper investigation.

During their protest on Monday, they called on President Weah to establish the war and economic crimes court that will end the culture of impunity across the country.

The protesters argued that the reason why crime is on the increase is that the Weah-led government has hailed people who committed grave human rights violations and are enjoying the protection of the President.

In their chants and slogans, the protesters claimed the government protects perpetrators because of their financial potency and closes its eyes to justice for girls who are raped and whose rights are violated, stressing that this only shows that the country is not safe for young women and children.

The protesters said if President Weah ignores their plights, it’s up to him, but “we will remain here until we get a result. Protests are meant for result and that’s what happens all around the world, said Henry Costa, Chairman of the Council of Patriots.

They accused the President of using the country’s money to enrich himself, Minister of State Nathaniel McGill and Finance and Development Planning Minister Samuel Tweah.

According to them, a few months after the President took office, he built 49 housing units along the Robertsfield highway and rebuilt most of his homes around town while civil servants remain unpaid for several months.

Some female protesters said their husbands can no longer take salaries home, which is causing them not to pay their children school fees or even provide lunch for school going kids.

The protest, organized by the Council of Patriots, started with a low turnout but later started gaining momentum around the middle of the day.

So far, the protest began peacefully with no sign of violence on the part of the protesters until late in the afternoon when the Liberia National Police unexpectedly fired tear gas and opened the water cannon on the protesters.

Prior to the use of tear gas, one of the executive members of the CoP, Representative Yekeh Kolubah, said, “I have over 1,000 persons with me and we will remain peaceful. If the government does not want my people to walk along the sidewalk, let them provide a vehicle to take them to the protest site. We will follow the police instructions while we move towards the Capitol Building. ”

It is not clear what will become of the protest on Tuesday, January 7, as the police had dispersed the crowd by dusk on Monday. However, the protesters have promised to remain peaceful and consistent in their advocacy for President Weah to “Step up” to govern the country by fighting corruption and getting out all those officials who are involved in corruption.


  1. USA and other International partners will stay see this and give the young man weah money. For them they have too much money. So the man will eat their money, buy new shoes and give to his many girl friends, his wife. They have not learn yet. Just as they give him money from football. After Wasting his football money after girls and enjoyment, Liberians rewarded his with presidency.

    As for Liberians, they will stay vote for him or support him starting Jan 7, 2020 if it’s elections. They love corrupt people. They only speak and gets afriad to stand up for their rights in the name of war will come if they come out in big #s. Maybe Jan 6 2020, there was war in Liberia, those who went out we’re shooting others. But the time will come when the people who were afriad to come out decide to speak, no one will listen to them. I tell you there will be no gun war in Liberia but daily the stealing war will increase that it will be clear and said by weah with no one been able to stop it.

    I don’t want or support war nor want fighting with guns. The fact is we are suffering and weah with his people are stealing the International community money and our taxes and going free. But one thing if a rouge steal and no one caught him or her, they will continue to steal forgetting that every long rope has an end.

    I see that not too long in 2020 the young women or girls along with the kids from ages 10 – 21 will stand up for their rights from been rape or mutilated and speak out if the older ones are afriad. It will make another history.

    Since nothing happened or was said publicly to address the situation, I just pray that people should not be getting missing secretly for speaking publicly like Jestina.

    May God help us Liberians and save our state.

  2. President removal is initialed in the Legislature and has nothing to do with the property of the Liberian nation. Burning fire to cook between the grounds of the Executive Mansion and Capitol Building was a stupid thing to do. Why would you want to sleep on the street just to make one or two persons bigger than the country? Matured Officials do not go this far. It was fire that destroyed this nation during the civil war. The mere fact that fire was brought in the protest picture is suspicious of violence. What would you want LIBERIA in arms for the Republic of Liberia to think when he or she sees fire burning from protesters against an administration in power? Use arms on both or take them to court? Or fire too? Regardless what intend they may pronounce, which president to step up or step down, what representative, which reboe or ex-rebel, or any politics of lies, economics in the downturn or uphill, we as Liberians will not allow again any group of hellions to show signs of violence that would tend to bury the peace and tranquility of the land of liberty given to Liberians. We have enough instruments to throw impunity and tyranny out of Liberia. Pay wages and salaries in Liberian dollars only and soon you will discover where the fire cooking and billions fumes forming in our mist on the public and private streets of the Republic of Liberia. No more free foreign currency will cause fire in this nation. We will capture all Liberian billions we have and vault them, whether stolen from Government or not. These are all the Liberian people’s money . All will be used to improve the standard of Living of our people. Fire will no longer remove a leader in this nation, neither will looting slow down business. You have the appropriate thing to do to impeach any impeachable Official on the procedural votes. You should know the Liberian laws, tradition and culture on the West Coast of Africa. No fighter or soldier or totalitarian will force self to power or remove anyone elected. Unless it is constitutionally done, do not bring you steps here any more. How much do pen and paper cost to put these issues down and present to the branches of government concerned. You say you know book. You literate, talk it and write it or go home or work for yourselves. The illiterate-uneducated and innocent literate -educated will no longer take the blame for the actions of few sycophantic uneducated or educated. If you try to destroy life and property in this nation again, you will see the power of actual Liberia as a nation in peaceful silence under the will given by God.
    Let Liberians know for yourself. Do not disturb this box or answer it. Get over 50% of Liberians by voting.
    Gone back to Silence.

  3. I want to thank the good people of Liberia for their maturity and love for the country . we can see and feel the pains ,the hardship people are going through,we out here shared the same pains with you all. Let hope this government will listen to our plight. May God be with you all. Please keep the protest calm void of violence..

  4. Teah
    Let me extend my heartfelt thanks to the CoP for their peaceful posture exhibited from the onset of the protest. But let me be clear on the issue. Letting 🔥 on the premises of the Capital building, Temple of Justice ,n the Executive Masion is totally unacceptable. This alone has the propensity to facilitate the setting of blase on any of that buildings by agrived protesters. Let me say bravo to the LNP for their timely intervention to disperse the crowd n ensuring that lives n properties are secured.

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