Friends of Sandy Formed in Bassa

Mr. Williams Diggs.jpg

The Friends of Rev. Kennedy G. Sandy, a 2017 presidential hopeful of the Liberia Transformation Party (LTP), has been formed in the commercial port city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County.

This was confirmed to the Daily Observer over weekend in Buchanan by the founder and chairman of the group, Mr. G. Williams Olu Diggs.

Mr. Diggs disclosed that the group was organized to mobilize support for Rev. Sandy after realizing that he is a “God fearing man and a humanitarian who can transform post-war Liberia and make it better for the masses.”

Diggs said further, “We’ve chosen to organize this group to support Rev. Sandy’s campaign in the forthcoming presidential elections; we are confident that due to his national and international contacts and vision, Rev. Sandy can liberate Liberia.”

He added: “As a prominent son of Liberia, Rev. Sandy will foster and restore our country’s lost unity, love and reconcile us once more.”

He, therefore, appealed to citizens of every religious persuasion to join Friends of Sandy (FOS) and Rev. Sandy as president for a new Liberia in the 2017 general and presidential elections.


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