Freemasons Must Vindicate Themselves

Mr. Urey: "We will intellectually attack anyone, by it the President or his party chair Morlu."

A contender for the 2017 presidential election, Benoni Urey, who is also a high ranking member of the Freemasonry of Liberia, has said that it is time for members of the Craft to vindicate themselves on what has happened to the country.
Masons have kept quiet too long, said Mr. Urey, indicating that “silence in most instances means consent. We believe as Masonic brothers, we must respond to false allegations. Liberians must be educated on the true principles of the Craft. If not, we might find ourselves in another 1980 situation.”
According to him, Liberia has lost its sanctity and is no longer what the fathers of the Freemason Society, who were influential in the founding of the nation, had envisioned it to be.
Members of the secret society are today plagued with what Mr. Urey described as “a filthy state with dysfunctional institutions contaminated by and with immoral people.”
Mr. Urey frowned on those he described as “antagonists and senile visionaries” who have on many occasions aggravated (angered) Freemasonry, religious organizations and traditional societies by coming up with unsubstantiated statements against them.
“We must never be perturbed by senile visionaries. These uncompromising antagonists have not taken off time from their unproductive schedules to read and learn about Freemasonry,” he said.
In reference to the execution in 1980 of 13 senior government officials and others by the People’s Redemption Council, Mr. Urey noted that out of ignorance, one of the charges against the victims was that they were Masonic brothers.
“We must embark on a campaign to educate Liberians on the true principles of the Masonic Craft. Our lives and our children’s lives depend on this. Misinformation has become an integral part of our society and we must fight as our Masonic obligation says, ‘my life you may take; my integrity never.’ We must fight for our integrity disregarding every situation,” he said.
Mr. Urey made the statement in Monrovia recently during the celebration of John the Baptist Feast Day, organized by 14 Subordinate Lodges of the Freemasonry at the St. Thomas Episcopal Church on Camp-Johnson-Road.
A prominent Liberian businessman, Mr. Urey is the District Deputy Grand Master for Margibi County and past Master of the St. Paul Lodge #2.
Challenging his fellow Masons, Urey said “We must vindicate ourselves and do what we should as patriotic Liberians, humanitarians, fathers, mothers, or true Masonic brothers or we will be held accountable. Now is the time for all Masons to come together and correct the past, change the present and build the future.”
Giving a brief history of Freemasonry in Liberia, Mr. Urey who is a prominent Liberian businessman said Freemasonry came to Liberia aboard the first vessel that brought the settlers from the USA, many of whom helped establish the new state.
“Masons must give homage to those laudable men, who championed the cause of opening the Grand Lodge. Included among them was the first President of Liberia, Joseph Jenkins Roberts. These men assembled in solemn convention in Monrovia, and established the Grand Lodge in 1867.”
Mr. Urey reflected that “They risked their lives to come to build a black nation where free men would dwell and govern themselves. Among them were Masons. They labored for Liberia; some gave their lives for Liberia. We must never allow their labors to go in vain.”
He said the golden tenets and principles of “our noble orders forbid us from living, working or even existing under such conditions. We as Masons are an upright people. The golden tenets of our order must be practiced by us in Liberia. We must stand up for something or we will die for anything.”
Today, he said, “I stand before you as a member of all the fraternities in Liberia, the Masonic Craft, the Eastern Star, the United Brothers of Friendship (UBF), Poro, Sande, Malah, etc. All of these fraternities preach brotherhood and sisterhood.”


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