Indian Minister Urges Liberian Youth to Make Education Priority

Minister of State for External Affairs, M. J. Akbar

Simeon S. Wiakanty& David S. Menjor

India Minister of State for External Affairs, M. J. Akbar who led a delegation to a two-day visit to Liberia (March 1-2) has urged Liberian youths to make education a priority to be able to transform their lives.

Addressing a cross section of students on Friday, March 2, at the University of Liberia’s Fendall campus, outside Monrovia, Min. Akbar said individual transformation can only be achieved through the ability to graduate that could lead to the process of transformation by the acquisition of jobs.

“In Liberia’s rebuilding efforts,” he said, “I am confident that India can become one of her greatest partners for development.”

He said Liberia cannot boast of freedom when the majority of its people are uneducated and therefore success that could lead to the transformation of Liberia would depend on how prepared the youths are to take advantage of the current provisions to acquire education.

Akbar said all powerful nations that dominated the world did not do so because of military might but because they were at the forefront of knowledge.

Cross section of UL students, others listen to Mr. Akbar

He, meanwhile, encouraged students to remain committed in their quest for education as it will help in the growth and development of the country.

“When you lose control of knowledge, it means you have lost the control of power and the control of not only the world but also yourself,” Akbar stated.

He said nations such as the United States, Britain and those in Europe gained prominence, not because of machine guns but knowledge which came through sound education.

Akbar re-emphasized that today the knowledge of technology is the most powerful weapon that helps students and professors at universities in the learning process.

The Minister said students should remember that the future is always written in their eyes and it takes a very determined heart to succeed.

Minister Akbar, who worked as a journalist in Indian, also served as an elected Member of Parliament of Rajya Sabha in Madhya Pradesh from 1989-1991. He is also an author of many fiction and non-fiction books.

Mr. Akbar launched India’s first weekly political news magazine, The Sunday, in 1976 and India’s daily newspaper, The Telegraph and Asia Age from 1989 and 1994.


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