Free Medical, Surgical Outreach in Sight for Nimba

Dr. Peter George at his office in Ganta

Dr. Peter George discloses

The Chief Medical Doctor of the E&J Medical Center in Ganta has disclosed the launching medical team known “Liberia Medical and Surgical Voluntary Team” in Nimba anytime soon to carry on free surgical and medical outreach to hard to reach areas in the county.

Speaking to the Daily Observer in an exclusive interview on Saturday, July 6, he said the aim of team is reach out to people who are unable to reach the bigger hospital, because of several reasons.

He said, if the team is launched they will visiting remote places, including Buutuo, Zekepa, Gbi, Kparblee and liaise with other health facilities there to carry on medical treatment.

“Our team will be moving with surgical doctors, nurses and technicians, where we are going testing for malaria and other diseases for treatment,” he said.

He said if there is need for surgical procedure, they will conduct surgical operations, especially on those with hernia and hydro seed, because they will be carrying along mobile theater for surgical purposes.

“People need medical doctor to reach, so we are going to go where medical doctors cannot reach to help our them get the medical or surgical treatment they want,” he said.

Recently, a team headed by Dr. Peter George visited Saclepea, where several persons went under surgery at the Saclapea Comprehensive Hospital from various condition, including hernia and other conditions.

Nimba is one of the largest counties in Liberia, with population over 400,000. However, the condition of roads in most of the county districts make travel extremely difficult, especially for sick persons.

Some patients have died on while they are being rushed to the referral hospitals, something Dr. George expressed concern about. He recalled the case of a pregnant woman who died during labor recently, while en route to Ganta.

Dr. George said all medications will be totally free, except for the hosting facility that may charge minimum amount to patients for hosting the team.

However, Dr. George, who recently received a membership certificate from the American College of Surgeons, explained that by November this year, a team of doctors will in Ganta to conduct free operation on those with thyroid, commonly known as “gaota”, at the E&J Medical Hospital.

If the medical and surgical volunteers shall start, it will surely boost the medical relief of the citizens, especially those living in the remotest part of the county.

However, the team is appealing to well meaning Liberians to come on board with any assistance to help bring medical needs to the poor.


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