Free Cancer Screening At Marketplaces

Medical workers take down patient information before they go for the screening.

More than 100 benefit

Over 100 market women and men from markets across Montserrado County have benefited from  free breast cancer screening provided by the Liberia Cancer Society (LCS).

The screening, which took place at the Rally Time Market and is part of LCS’ ongoing “Let’s Cancel Cancer” campaign, targets over 200,000 women and men nationwide, with the goal being to reduce the high rate of late breast cancer detection, particularly among Liberian women—a situation that significantly reduces the chance of surviving the disease .

At the end of the screening, five individuals, who had some symptom of the disease, were referred to appropriate medical centers for advanced screening and possible treatment.

LCS president Dr. Barnes explained that cancer is a serious disease that can sometimes be cured; however, the greatest possibility for survival lies in early diagnosis.

“The screening will help reduce cancer deaths in the country, because people who are detected with it will receive early treatment, which increases the chance of surviving. Of the 114 women and men who were examined, only a few were referred for additional tests and medical help which is good news,” Dr. Barnes said.

According to the medical team, as an added advantage, some unrelated medical conditions were identified and patients were professionally counseled.

A view of marketeers who went for the free cancer breast screening.

“To make the screening possible, collapsible tables were constructed; foam mattresses and colorful lappas were purchased to transform the third-floor space in Rally Time Market into a mobile hospital ward with 7 examination rooms,” Ms. Dana Hilton van Ee, Treasurer of the LCS, said.

The incidence of breast cancer remains high among women in Liberia; there are over 2,000 new cases of cancer, and approximately 1,600 related deaths each year, with the rate anticipated to nearly double by 2030.

According to Dr. Barnes and Dr. Gillian Seton, in respect of the LCS and SDA Cooper Hospital, the goals of the screening are threefold: to raise awareness about breast cancer and provide counseling regarding any breast problems that are found; to encourage women and men to get yearly breast exams and to train more healthcare professionals to screen for breast cancer.

The screening was organized in collaboration with SDA Cooper Hospital, the Health Ministries Department of the SDA Church and the Liberian Marketing Association.


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