‘Fraudulent Election Results’

Madam Edith Gongloe-Weh

… Edith Gongloe-Weh alleges

Nimba County Senatorial Candidate Edith Gongloe-Weh has accused the National Elections Commission of manipulating elections results to favor of her political rival, Rep. Jeremiah Koung.

In her allegation, Gongloe-Weh, who contested as a candidate for the Collaborating Political Parties, explained that the vote tallying process has so far been conducted in a fraudulent manner to deprive her from winning the contest.

According to her, the current NEC results that place her rival ahead of her are unacceptable and unbelievable because she won districts, especially populated ones. 

“It is sad that they are trying to overturn the election results. There is no way that the votes from Districts 4 and 5 can overturn my victory, when I have already won the Lower Nimba belt, which comprises of districts 6, 7, 8 and 9 and also two districts in the Upper Nimba belt,” Edith added.

The Upper Nimba belt, which has 5 districts, is a vote-rich battle ground, which usually decides who becomes the next senator of Nimba County. It was the votes from the Upper Nimba belt that seald the fate of Candidate Gongloe-Weh in 2011—an election that brought Senator Thomas Grupee to power.

Having joined her party to accuse the government and the electoral body of changing the results, she said she won District 1 (which includes Ganta) with over 5,000 votes, compared to her opponent, who had 3,000 votes.

The CPP candidate added that in District 2, she also won with another 5,000 votes, and in the lower Nimba belt combine, she won Rep. Koung with 19,179 votes, compared to his 10, 081 votes.

She noted that with the tally from the lower Nimba belt and three of the upper Nimba districts, including 1, 2, and 3, it puts her in the lead with over 10, 000 votes. Therefore, “it was impossible for Koung to win me with votes from districts 4 and 5,” she argued.

“With all of these votes I got, I can assure you that there is no way that we can lose this election and I want to urge everyone of you remain calm and avoid any form of violence as we pursue our case to gain over victory,” Gongloe-Weh said.

According to report from NEC, Rep. Jeremiah Koung is in a sharp lead with about 36,954, while Edith Gongloe-Weh has so far is in 32, 802, with 19 polling places still remaining.

Madam Gongloe-Weh added that her legal team has been alerted and is working to legally challenge the result for proper recount, especially in areas where she alleged fraudulent acts occurred.

“Nimba and the world know that the burden rests squarely on the shoulder of the Elections Commission to protect our democracy and to protect the stability of our country,” she said. “The election matters, the election in Nimba matters and the count of our votes in Nimba seriously matters.”

However, It is not clear how Madam Gongloe-Weh and team arrived at this allegation, but many have blame the her campaign team of not doing enough in Upper Nimba, thinking that the votes there would have been divided among the other contenders who are Gio.  Instead, her team directed their attention to the south, which is predominately Mano.

Despite the wrangling in the streets among supporters of the two rivals, Nimba is very calm, with people going about their normal activities as usual and waiting to hear the final result.

Early Tuesday, December 15, the CPP at the Press Conference alleged that the they have enough evidence to substantiate their claims, such as tally sheets that were manipulated at the tallying centers in favor of Rep. Jeremiah Koung of the Movement for Democracy and Reconstruction, who is supported by the ruling CDC in the Nimba race.

According to the CPP, some of their evidence include the broken seals on ballot boxes and the swapping of another candidate’s vote, among a host of irregularities.

But the electoral body — the National Election Commission has dismissed the allegations as baseless and false. Responding to the CPP, the NEC’s Communication Director Henry Flomo said the allegation leveled against the electoral body by the CPP is not true and is a diabolical lie.

“At NEC, we are so shocked about the CPP’s allegation, but the truth of the matter is, this election was conducted free and fair. NEC has no interest in any candidates but to announce the result just the way the people voted with no changes,” Flomo said.

He said, “If the CPP has a problem, let them challenge the results and stop accusing us falsely.  The results we are announcing are exactly what is on the tally sheet, which they have in their possession.”


  1. Before the eligible voters of Liberia went to their respective precincts in order to vote, I had the feeling that “some losers” would cry foul. It’s beginning to happen. Although the vote count is still going on, my forethought is slowly becoming a reality. Madam Gongloe-Weh is infuriated. She believes that the NEC is out to get her. Gongloe-Weh’s accusation is based on the assumption that ballot tampering has occurred somewhere in districts she believes she had won. That kind of assumption is Trumpian. God knows very well that Liberians do not need Trumpian assumptions.

    Best Bet……
    I have never run for a political office! I may enter politics if there’s an unseasoned private sector person out there who may try to change the Liberian dynamics. But I know darn well how it hurts when a candidate loses his or her contest.
    Madam Gongloe-Weh is visibly unhappy. It’s understandable because her numbers are not strategically aligned with the stars. At this point in time, I think madam Gongloe-Weh’s best bet is to cool off because better days are ahead. Maybe, there are better things she can do than being a lifelong politician.

  2. Mehn let Edith drop the pretense about “fraudulent election results “ when the voters, prior to and on the eve of the elections signaled to her that she was a doomed loser, a signal which prompted corrupt Benoni Urey to illegally dismiss operatives at his Urey’s broadcast station here in Nimba.

    In fact, most of us here in Nimba do not blame this insulting pretense on the part of this corrupt Edith who should be behind bars for asking for and receiving bribe to build her house, and then stealing more than a million US Dollars from county funds when she was Superintendent as the indictment from GAC made clear.

    One of many but very key policy for defeating massive corruption in Liberia is by having judges who will not have the mentality as CORRUPT GBEISAY YEMIE who once you give him his share, you are innocent, He did this in the Big Boy No 1 and No 2 case, and in the case involving those thieves of CBL Governors, and their colleagues including Charles Sirleaf, Milton Weeks, etc.

    Take the cases of Benoni Urey, Edwin Snowe, Alex Tyler, Eugene Shannon, Joseph Boakai, and Brownie Samukai who as Defense Minister stole monies kept for poor widows and orphans, and is now just few weeks after conviction for stealing is Senator Elect. They steal government money and use the same money to run for legislative positions to be able to perpetuate their crimes and corruption and protect their stolen wealth.

    So you see, we do not blame Edith here bluffing and pretending while fighting shame for her defeat after the electorates here have dumped her for her corruption and criminality.


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