“France Will Stand by You To Fight Climate Change”

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French Ambassador to Liberia Joël GODEAU has pledged his country’s commitment to holding the upcoming 2015 Paris Climate Conference on Climate Change.
He made the commitment at the opening of the National Stakeholders initial workshop on Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (INDCs)
The two day workshop will at its end today, validate a draft agenda for the preparation of the Liberian INDCs to the 2015 Paris Climate conference.
“As you know, France will in December this year, host the COP 21, to which we are fully committed for facilitating the negotiations between 195 Countries to achieve a global, universal and ambitious agreement to remain below the two degrees Celsius target.
He said above 2°c, the impact of climate change will be uncontrollable therefore France will have to address the major geopolitical issues of justice, equity and development.
According to Ambassador GODEAU, Climate Change is an issue impacting development, because the poorest countries including Liberia are the most affected by it.
During the Paris Climate Conference France proposes to achieve an agreement on four pillars including a universal and differentiated agreement, which demonstrates that, “we are taking action now and that we will take measures in the long term with the objective of limiting global warming,” said the Ambassador.
“I would like to reiterate the commitment of France, as the host country of COP 21, to lead the negotiations, by listening to everyone. France is fully committed to achieving the success of the COP 21, being itself exemplary in its environmental policy and also fully committed by the ambitious objective of the European Union on this subject.”
The environmental Protection Agency (EPA) in collaboration with the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA) commenced the two-day climate change National Stakeholders’ Inception workshop intended to prepare Liberia’s INDCs.
The parties to the UN Climate Change Convention are under obligation to conclude a new international climate agreement by the end of the Paris Climate Summit to limit temperature increase to 2 degrees Celsius.
Countries have agreed to publicly outline what actions they intend to take under a global agreement well before the Paris Summit.
Commitments made by these countries are known as “INDCs”.
The INDCs are intended for countries to put forward their contributions in the context of their national priorities, circumstances and capabilities and aim to reduce emissions in an effort to avert the worst impacts of climate change and also to advance National Adaptation Plans.
The INDC Inception Workshop brought together relevant government ministries and agencies, representatives of none-governmental organizations (NGOs), youth and women’s groups, civil society, religious and traditional institutions and other climate change stakeholders. The goal is to ensure national consultation on the objectives and activities of the INDC prior to implementation.
At the end of the workshop today, participants will be expected to review and validate Liberia’s draft agenda for the INDC preparation.
Earlier in her keynote address, Transport Minister Angela Cassell-Bush, said for ages, humankind has looked at climate change as if it were a fiction that would suddenly disappear.
However, said Minister Cassell-Bush, today the evidence is so glaring that climate change has now become a subject not just for the experts and scientists, but for everyone including the fishermen, the farmers, the petty traders, the students, and professional groups.
Global Climate if left unchecked could leave millions of the world’s population vulnerable to flooding as a result of sea level rise, which could also result to the loss of vulnerable ecosystems with the risks of extinction of certain species, Minister Cassell-Bush warned.


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