FRA Donates 2M of Modern Firefighting Equipment to LNF

    Commander of the Fire Rescue Alliance, Mr. Kenneth T. Prillaman.jpg

    A US-based Fire Rescue Alliance, (FRA) on Tuesday, November 5, donated modern firefighting equipment to the Liberian National Fire Service Agency (LNF).

    Items donated included fire-fighting suits, gas masks, Angus liquid (liquid that puts out fire), oxygen, fire service uniforms, an ambulance, fireouips (fire-fighting water tubes), and a fire truck, amongst others.

    The equipment is estimated to be worth two million United States dollars (US $2M).

    According to the commander of the Fire Rescue Alliance, Mr. Kenneth T. Prillaman, the donation is part of the FRA’s goodwill towards foreign firefighting services. It is their intention to lower the amount of fire related deaths by equipping fire service agencies in Liberia and around the world.

    “We are an organization, made up of fire and emergency medical professionals from throughout the United States who are committed to helping rebuild the Liberian National Fire Service,” he disclosed.

    Mr. Prillaman intoned that Government needed to give more financial aid to the Liberian National Fire service so they would stand a better chance of combating fires in the country.

    The FRA boss further disclosed that the National Fire service has received declining financial support from the Government of Liberia over the years, which he described as “regrettable,” and underscored that a nation’s fire service is one of its most important organizations.

     “Firefighters play a significant role in the development drive of any country, especially if attention is given to them by central government,” Mr. Prillaman noted.

    The FRA boss said that the Fire Rescue Alliance (FRA) had visited Liberia on a serial of occasions and saw the need to help them (LNF) with logistic and as well as the training of their work force.

    “Based upon our observation, the FRA established a partnership with the Liberian fire chief hoping to build the capacity of the LNF,” Mr. Prillaman said.   

    Also speaking was the Director General of the Liberia National Fire Service agency, G. Warsuwah Barvoul, who commended the US-based Fire Rescue Alliance for the gesture and promised that it would be used for its intended purpose.

    Mr. Barvoul noted that the donation was a clear manifestation of the FRA’s commitment to the LNF and expressed his desire to further their relationship.

    The LNF director told a group of FRA delegates that the equipment would help to empower fire fighters, an essential part of building the capacity of the Liberia National Fire service.

    “This equipment, he said will be used in the effective combating of fires in the country.”

    One of the Liberian delegates, Samukai Karneh, who was among the FRA team, said that he was moved by President Sirleaf’s latest comments made in her recent trip to the US about, “Liberians giving back to their country.”

    “So, I decided to join with the FRA to bring this equipment here as a way of giving back to my country,” he stated.


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