Foya Commissioner Leaves Office with ‘Fond Memories’

Outgoing Commissioner Joseph T. Gbollie Making Remarks at Turnover Ceremony in Foya City, Lofa County

Mr. Joseph T. Gbollie, Sr., former Foya Statutory District Commissioner in Lofa County, who recently turned over the office to his successor with fond memories said “if you do not want to be removed from power, then don’t allow yourself to be appointed, but for me, I am indeed leaving with fond memories after seven years of public service.”

Gbollie made the statement recently in Foya City at the official turning over ceremony held in the Tamba Lamin Taylor Council Hall.

During his induction on October 8, 2012, Mr. Gbollie said his predecessor, now Lofa County Superintendent William T. Kamba, did not show up to turn over the office to him as he did last Friday to his successor.

Gbollie said he was turning over the office peacefully and leaving behind an ‘old mat’ to start with if the new commissioner deems it fit to do so.

“I met the office not properly organized with only five employed staff, but it became organized with ten employees during my administration,” Mr. Gbollie said.

A cross-section of locals at the occasion

Besides, Mr. Gbollie explained how he met eight employed general town chiefs, out of  the 15 general town chiefs, but now there are 16 general town chiefs employed through his instrumentality.

According to him, while organizing his office, former Vice President Joseph Nyumah Boakai assigned him to do the landscaping of an area to construct a new airstrip in Scorbulinin since locals have encroached on the old one with new buildings.

Mr. Gbollie said he did not carry out the task alone, but said the chiefs mobilized 1,150 able-bodied people who helped with the landscaping that was supervised by the general town chiefs.

Moreover, Gbollie expressed his gratitude and appreciation for the former Vice President Boakai, the American charity Samaritan Purse for constructing a modern airfield that is being regularly used to benefit the residents.

During his administration, Mr. Gbollie said he implemented government’s policy to properly demarcate  privately owned land from the one owned by the government.

He said at present, the Foya Statutory District has an official land surveyor trained and qualified by the county leadership that is capable of resolving some of the potential land disputes that may occur in the district.

Gbollie said under the stewardship of former Representative, Philip Saa Tali, he was singled out as a neutral person to reorganize the Intofawor Farmers’ Cooperative Society that preached peace and reconciliation.

He said during his tenure, several youth conflicts regarding leadership were peacefully resolved and several youth groups are now slowly becoming agents of positive change.

Mr. Gbollie  commended teacher Joseph Massaquoi, who committed a bulk of his  salary to establish an Ebola Survivors entity that has been catering to hundreds of Ebola survivors in Foya District.

“I wish to leave you all with these holy words: “In life, there is time for everything”, and so we are turning over this office to the newly appointed commissioner, Mr. James Dongah,” Gbollie said.

“We do not regret any decision we took during our administration, however say sorry to anybody who felt offended,” Gbollie said as he handed over the gavel of authority to his successor to a round of applause from the floor.


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