Foya Citizens Endorse Boakai Presidential Bid


The Bonguama United Association (BUA) of Foya citizens based in Monrovia and its environs has unanimously endorsed the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Boakai for the 2017 general and presidential elections.

Veep Boakai was recently petitioned by Lofaians to run for the nation highest seat come 2017.
The association has commended residents of Zorzor,Quadu Gboni,Salayea,Voinjama,Vahun and Kolahun districts as well as those of Foya for making the “genuine and timely decision” of selecting Ambassador Boakai, traditionally referred to as “UNCLE”, for the highest office of the land.

In a statement the BUA through its president, Nyumah Karley, said it believes that the decision to select Veep Boakai as a presidential candidate for 2017 is in the best interest of all Liberians, “because Vice President Boakai himself is culturally friendly particularly in the area of democratic governance, transparency and accountability evident in his 40 years of public service.”

The association is urging Lofaians to now begin exerting efforts within the governing Unity Party (UP) structures including the county constituency leaders and potential delegates for consultations to ensure that VP Boakai emerges victorious in the upcoming UP convention.

BUA wants Lofaians to continue maintaining contacts with local pressure groups to ensure that their dream becomes a reality by recruiting at least 10 persons each from the 15 counties to the Boakai ticket.
“It is the winning ticket that will finally usher Liberians into good leadership,” BUA said.

The association also thanked President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for creating an enabling environment for the Vice President to be her successor, something that is not frequently practiced in the sub-region due to the increasing number of power craving politicians.

Meanwhile, the association has announced with immediate effect, the launch of “Friends of Boakai for Transparent Leadership” (FOBFTL) on August 9 at its Paynesville Headquarters.
“The association wishes to state clearly that we the residents of Foya being satisfied with Ambassador Boakai’s clean public record pledge full loyalty to him at the same time encouraging other Liberians to take him as the finest role model for the 21st century,” according to the BUA statement.


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