Foya-Borma, Other Hospitals Receive Medical Supplies

A technician inspects an item of donated equipment.

The Foya Borma Hospital in Foya Statutory District, Lofa County, has received a large consignment of medical supplies including equipment that the facility lacked for many years. Many of the supplies brought in a 40ft container are high-tech equipment that cost thousands of US dollars.

The consignment arrived in the country a month ago and was taken to the Foya Hospital from where it was distributed among several other medical facilities. The donation was an initiative of the Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital in partnership with Medshare and other partners, including the United Parcel Service (UPS) and several contributors based in the USA.

Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital is a non-profit organization established in 2013 with the aim of soliciting medical support (human, financial and material) to buttress government’s effort in meeting the health needs of Liberians dwelling in rural areas. These groups started helping the hospital during the Ebola outbreak in 2014.

The latest donation is the second of its kind coming from the same US-based group within the last two years. The first of the two medical donations came at a time when the country was overwhelmed by the deadly Ebola virus that took the lives of thousands of Liberians.

At the time, the hospital received from the Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital a 40-ft container of medical supplies, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPEs), gloves, masks, syringes, needles critically needed to help combat the terrifying disease.

The founder and president of Friends of Foya-Borma Hospital, Nathaniel S. Samba, during a recent visit to Liberia, said that the organization will do all it can to ensure that needed support is galvanized for the health facilities in the county.

The hospital was where the first positive diagnosis of the Ebola virus disease was made, and ended up becoming the first epicenter of the virus, which claimed the lives of four medical staff.

Prior to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Liberia, the hospital’s friends in the US state of Indiana donated two large boxes and a barrel of supplies.

This latest medical donation was presented to the county, district and hospital authorities by the Foya-Borma Hospital’s Chief Administrator, Francis T. Forndia, at a modest ceremony held at the hospital recently in the presence of the County Health Officer, Dr. Jusu Ngormbu Ballah; the Statutory District Superintendent, Hon. Tennyson S. T. Falkornia; Commissioner Saah Gborie; Paramount Chief, Hon. Momoh S. Taylor; Officers-In-Charge (OICs) of the peripheral clinics in Foya; and the management and staff of  the Foya–Borma Hospital among others.

Among the equipment are Patients’ Vital Monitors, Suction Machines, delivery beds and mattresses and laboratory consumables. Others are crutches, trays, microscopes and advanced wheel chairs.

Mr. Forndia, who practically serves as the liaison between the hospital and the donors since the creation of the Friends of Foya-Borma, told the audience he has raised tremendous support from overseas in addition to support from the Liberian government. He added that during the Ebola outbreak, “this infant organization through the special grace of God raised over a hundred thousand United States dollars’ worth of medical supplies from their friends in the USA.”

What has helped this organization achieve so much in so short a time is the involvement of the Ministry of Health through the Lofa County Health System, Mr. Forndia said.

“This program will be poorly served if we do not in this public manner acknowledge the effort of our able government which has over the years created an enabling environment for the outside world to come and help the people of Liberia,” he noted.

“Let me say here today that with our partners in the US, I can openly say that Lofa County is on its way to quality health service delivery especially with the support of the Ministry of Health and well placed County Health System Supervisor, Dr. Jusu Ngormbu Ballah.”

He commended the senior staff at the Ministry of Health for their support in ensuring that the medical assistance reached the Foya-Borma Hospital safely.

“To our clinics, we believe that Foya-Borma Hospital is the mother health facility so we will do all within our reach to ensure that the health needs of our people are addressed. This, however, means your total cooperation and timely referral of critical cases beyond handling,” he added.

The CHO Ballah lauded the donors and administrator Forndia for the donation. He indicated that all the assistance from the hospital’s partners have over the years contributed immensely to the health sector of the county. He cautioned recipients and beneficiaries that the transparent and efficient use of the medical supplies could lead to more donations in the future.

Other health facilities, apart from Foya-Borma, in Foya District which benefited from the donated medical supplies include: Limgbamba Clinic, Foya Tangia Clinic, Yekpedu Clinic, Worsornga Clinic, Mendekorma Clinic, Shelloe Clinic, Sorlormba Clinic, Kporlornin Clinic, Foya Community Clinic, Isaac Gbemah Clinic for Persons with Disabilities and Bolahun Clinic.


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