Foya Borma Hospital Gets


Foya Borma Hospital, situated in Foya Statutory District, Lofa County, last week received a 40-ft container of medical supplies from the Friends of Foya Borma Hospital based in the USA.

The Foya Borma Hospital is the medical facility where the first Ebola virus disease in Liberia was diagnosed positive and was also the first epicenter of the deadly virus.

Prior to the outbreak of the Ebola virus in Liberia, the hospital’s Friends in the State of Indiana donated two large boxes and a barrel of supplies.

Speaking during the presentation ceremony of the container to staff and board of directors of Pentecostal Mission Union (PMU-Liberia) in Paynesville, Chairman Mathias Fallah Korpu extended thanks and appreciation to donors of the medical supplies.

The PMU-Liberia’s board chairman pointed out that friends and relatives that look after their kinsmen and women during any crisis are friends indeed.

Chairman Korpu also noted that the Friends of Foya Borma Hospital in the USA and elsewhere are indeed great partners in the continuous fight to eradicate the deadly Ebola virus from Liberia and Africa.

He commended the senior staff of the Ministry of Health for ensuring that the medical assistance reached the Foya Borma Hospital.

In remarks on behalf of Foya Borma Hospital, Mr. Francis T. Forndia cautioned recipients and beneficiaries that the transparent and efficient use of this first consignment of medical supplies could lead to more donations.

For his part, the Assistant Minister of Health for Administration, John M. Linga, extolled the exemplary working relations and partnership of PMU-Liberia and authorities of the Ministry of Health over the years.

Minister Linga also lauded the efforts of Friends of Foya Borma Hospital.

In response, PMU-Liberia’s Executive Director, Rev. Jallah Kormah, thanked the donors and friends of Foya Borma Hospital based in the USA for their assistance during the present challenging times in the country.

The organizations that made donations towards the 40-Foot medical container are, Medshare of San Leandro, California, Permanente Medical Group of Central Valley, California, United Parcel, Association of Citizens and friends of Liberia, Sacramento, California and dozens of other generous groups in the USA.


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