Four-man Staffers C’ttee to Work With Senate Ad Hoc Committee


-As Pro Tempore acknowledges staffers concern; assures them of July salary within a week

A four-man Senate staffers committee was yesterday set up to work with the special Senate Ad Hoc committee, as the search to find remedy nears fruition.
The latest saga in the staffers’ one-year unpaid salary comes following a well-attended meeting of staffers, with Pro Tempore Albert Tugbe Chie on Capitol Hill, where he again assured the staffers that their four-man committee is going to work with the G Alphonso Gaye-committee to ensure that fund is allocated in the 2020/2021 national budget for the retrospective payment of their 2019/2020 Liberian dollar component of their pay.

Yesterday’s meeting was attended by COS (chief of office staff) from offices of all thirty Senators, along with all Director of the Senate and four representatives from each office.
The spokesman for the staffers, Mr. Charles Browne, told the Daily Observer the Pro Temp also made a commitment that the staffers will receive their July salary within one week.

Mr. Browne said Pro Temp appealed to them(staffers) to give the Senate from now to September to enable them to do the necessary matrix and investigations to ensure that their salary is restored retroactively.
Browne said other concerns such as the reduction in gasoline coupons, transportation for staffers.

“Protemp asked us to remain calm, saying our claims are legitimate, and that they are going to work with only our committee that was constituted today; he also promised to flag the situation of staffers of the House of Representatives at the level of the Speaker; so we are asking them also to remain calm. So let’s give them the timeframe of September, I want to assure my colleague staffers that following this year’s passage of the budget, we at the level of the Legislature will smile, as per the outcome of the meeting we held today.”

It can be recalled that during last year’s harmonization program, the Senate decided to waive US$557k to be added to their staffers salaries, which surprisingly, according to them did not happen.

Browne then commended Protemp Chie whom he said has always come to their aid whenever they expressed dissatisfaction. “He is the only one as a father that is willing to listen to us; we are also calling on the Speaker to join the Pro Temp who will be there when you need them.”
Meanwhile, the Legislature joint committee on Ways, Means, and Budget, yesterday commenced hearing on the 2020/2021 National Budget. Due to the delayed presentation of the budget to the Legislature, the Senate is going to delay its annual break to September 30, 2020.


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