Four Die at Gold Mine in Bong County

Miners helping to get out those who died (Photo courtesy: Frontpage Africa)

Four miners have died at the Dean Gold Mining Camp in Korkoyah Statutory District in Bong County as a result of mudslide.  The incident took place on December 12 while the victims were carrying out their regular mining activities.

Locals in the area say the artisanal miners had dug deep pits and used the undermine method that opens different compartments under the ground which later collapse while they were there mining gold.  

The area is also under the control of MNG Gold, a concession company mining gold in the area.  However, it is not established that where the incident took place is an operation area for MNG Gold.

The gold mine has been in existence for decades and has attracted huge businesspeople and miners over the years. 

Although MNG Gold’s presence is in the area, artisanal mining activities have continued around there.  It may be recalled that in 2016 riot occurred at the MNG Gold operational area when artisanal miners attempted encroaching on areas controlled by the company.

According to Government Relations Director, Benedict Sayeh, MNG Gold at that time had bought those areas from the very local people who were carrying out artisanal mining, but after receiving the money and turned the areas over to the company; they were constantly encroaching on the company’s operational area to mine gold.

Some of the aggrieved artisanal miners at the time complained that they had nowhere to make a living and the company was denying them of mining in the area.  The government dispatched armed police to the scene at the time to contain the situation.    


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