Four Charged with Murder

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Police in Nimba County have charged four persons for the murder of a 37 year old woman identified as Angie Luogon.

The incident occurred recently in Gbor Gbanwin, Gbor Administrative District in Nimba County, where the lifeless body of Madam Luogon was discovered near an old diamond pit, police said.

Those charged for her death are Junior Nuahn, Milton Monsiah, Nathaniel Luogon and Federick Dolo.

Police said Nathaniel Luogon and Frederick Dolo were identified as the husband and nephew of the deceased.

Nimba County Police Crime Services Commander James Kartoe told the Daily Observer via mobile phone on November 24 that those charged in connection with the murder have already been forwarded to the Eighth Judicial Circuit Court in Sanniquellie for prosecution.

The Daily Observer gathered that Frederick Dolo allegedly participated in the murder because someone that police are yet to identify had promised him US$750.

The late Angie Luogon was reported missing on November 12 after she had gone to gather firewood in her village in Gbor Gbanwin.

A family member confirmed that the body was found in an old diamond pit. The discovery followed a vigorous search carried out before officers of the Nimba County Police Detachment had been informed. The police immediately began their investigations.


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