Former VP Son Takes Over Ellen Program Unit

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The son of former Liberia Vice President Harry Moniba, Dr. Clarence Moniba, has officially been installed as head of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s Program Delivery Unit (PDU). This comes after he was initially appointed by the Liberia leader upon the exit of former head, William Gyude Moore, who was recently confirmed by the Liberian Senate as Minister of Public Works.

Minister Moore formally turned over the affairs of the PDU to the newly appointed head, Dr. Moniba, yesterday at a brief ceremony held in the cabinet room at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

Dr. Moniba’s father was Vice President to President Samuel K. Doe. Both of them were disposed as a result of the Liberian crisis. The elder Moniba left with his family to the United States where they spent several years before returning to Liberia briefly before his demised.

At the turning over ceremony, Dr. Moniba thanked President Sirleaf for affording him the opportunity to serve the Liberian people and pledged to support the Presidency meet the infrastructural goals of the government.

“I know that it is our responsibility to trouble-shoot the scrupulous implementation of the government’s infrastructural agenda for the good of the nation and its people. I am certainly committed to this objective and will seek improve the workings of the PDU,” Dr. Moniba pledged.

He lauded his predecessors for laying a solid foundation upon which he and his team help the President meets her promises to the people. He named roads, power, and ports as key projects that has, and must, be tracked properly to ensure maximum delivery.

Dr. Moniba holds a Doctorate in Rhetoric and Professional Communications from the United States. Prior to his coming to the PDU, he earlier worked as Country Program Manager of High Level Panel on Fragile States and earlier Operations Manager for High Level Panel Post-2015 (United Nations) before his return to the United States.

He also worked at Liberia’s Embassy in Washington, D.C., USA as well as Liberia’s Permanent Mission to the United Nations in New York, USA. He is the third head of the PDU after his immediate predecessor Moore and Minister Patrick Sendolo, the founding head of the unit.

In his turning over speech, Public Works Minister Moore expressed satisfaction with the performance of the PDU under his leadership. He pointed out that the PDU under his leadership was different from the past and is hopeful that the PDU under Dr. Moniba will be even better.

He recalled that two former heads of the PDU including himself have taken up cabinet positions in the area of infrastructure program, adding that the unit is critical to the government’s desire to deliver services to the Liberia people.

“This concept of the President’s Program Delivery Unit was advanced by former British Prime Minister, Tony Blair, who ran similar unit during his reign as Prime Minister. Blair’s African Governance Initiative (AGI) laid the foundation and helped the unit in its beginning,” Min Moore said.

Minister Moore pledged to always be of help to the PDU and re-emphasized his confidence in the ability of Dr. Moniba to effectively run the affairs of unit. “President Sirleaf can be assured that you will deliver because you were here with us before and your performance was remarkable and very helpful”, Minister Moore reiterated.


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