Former Representative Candidate Wants June 7 “Peaceful Protest” End with Dialogue


A former representative candidate of Montserrado District #13 has called on the government of Liberia to seek peaceful ways to resolve the upcoming June 7 protests by members of the opposition community on the state of the country economy.

Kerkula Muka-Kamara, a successful businessman who contest as an independent candidate in 2017, said that in spite of threats from those who have organized the planned protest, it is important for the government to constructively engage them by listening to their concerns to amicably resolve the impasse.

Kamara believes that the CDC led government should hold talks with the opposition parties planning the protest on some of their legitimate concerns instead of supporting executive in the party calls for counter-protest which will only escalate the suffering of ordinary Liberians, instead of providing solutions.

He argued that continuous civil disobedience is scaring to investors, and might heighten the already existing economic hardship, which has the propensity to undermine government’s effort to rebuild the economy.

Mr. Kamara said, “a constructive dialogue will demonstrate responsible leadership, and the CDC government’s willingness to tackle the enormous challenges facing its development objective.”

He spoke over the weekend at the Movement for Intellectual Exchange Center in Clara Town where he encouraged the youths to support the CDC Pro-poor agenda for Prosperity and Development, if they are to see Liberia at higher heights.

“Young people, who formed majority of the country’s population demanded regime change in 2017; the change is here, but let them remain patient,” he advised.

Mr. Kamara: “We voted but the positive changes that we seek will evolve gradually, therefore, we all must bear in mind that government cannot do it alone, but by collective involvement of everyone by playing our roles as responsible citizens.”

“Patience will take us to the promised land that we all desire, so let us just wait a little while,” he added.

Kamara said that the CDC led government can never be successful in the isolation of those who voted them into power. And as such, he challenged the youthful population to get involved in nation-building by augmenting the Pro-poor agenda.

Though he admitted to the current economic hardship facing the country, Mr. Kamara believes that such situation can be adequately addressed if Liberians can work together to derive at solutions, instead of continuous protests that have the propensity to drive away investors.


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