Former Pres. Sirleaf Cautions Against Badmouthing Liberia

Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf prefers peaceful dialogue to peaceful protest.

Former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has told Liberians in all walks of life that despite the constraints in Liberia, no one should badmouth the country, as whatever is said reflects on the people themselves.

Speaking in a local radio interview in Monrovia on November 28, the former president said Liberians find pleasure in too much talk that does not reflect positively on the image of their country, which undermines the kind of respect others should have for the country.

According to the former president, whose administration welcomed the freedom of expression in Liberia, expressing views about existing issues is not wrong, but Liberians must learn to talk and be proactive in finding solutions to problems collectively instead of presenting the country as one that is unworthy to exist.

She emphasized that no one can be exempted from whatever suffering that may come to the country as a result of economy decline and, if the current administration fails, it will be a failure for the country.

Former President Sirleaf said she was not delving into the current state of affairs of the country, noting that Liberia’s economy was on a good footing during her first term and half of her second, until Ebola disrupted everything.

Nevertheless, she said, before leaving office the country was recovering and things were moving better than they are now. She said discussing the economy on radio and in the public may not help to solve the problems, but if the George Weah Administration can call on her to provide her expertise, she is willing to contribute.

President Sirleaf said criticism from the opposition does not mean that the opposition is an enemy to the ruling party, but the opposition’s action sets the basis for a strong democracy that gets the ruling party to correct its mistakes and to also let the opposition remember its criticisms to do the right thing when they assume state power through democratic elections.

She added that critics of Liberia do not take into consideration that the country is theirs, but are very accusatory with a “mindset” that the country cannot be a good place as long as they are not in control of the leadership.

She admitted to an internal wrangling in the Unity Party and said it is necessary that she and her fellow partisans get together to resolve those issues that created the differences.

During the course of the 2017 general and presidential elections, former President Sirleaf was noted by her partisans for not supporting former Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai who contested on the party’s ticket.

Acknowledging a long time of friendship that has existed between her and the former Vice President, the former president said the election friction that came between them will be settled because they are not “enemies.”

Concerning how her administration handled the country, former president Sirleaf, who was heavily criticized by the current ruling party for failing to deliver to the people, said: “Liberians saw where we took the country from in 2006 to where we left it, yet they criticized us and said we did nothing. Even though they see the roads, the water, light, and other necessities, they are still saying we did nothing.”

Though she is no longer in power, the former president has been receiving a number of accolades and attending various conferences around the world.

According to her, institutions that are awarding her those accolades respect her as a principled person and they know the roles she played in the governance and institutional capacity building of Liberia, and it is predicated upon her role that she is honored all of the time.

On the issue of wealth, the former president noted that she does not have money as people may perceive her to have; but the money she has now come from payments she receives when she performs delegated tasks in conferences she is invited to.

According to her, the only property she built during her administration was the house on her farm, but the rest of the properties she owns were acquired in the 1970s and 80s when she worked for the Government of Liberia, World Bank and the Citibank, which she noted were lucrative institutions.

She challenged her critics and accusers to check the record she left at the Ministry of Finance to ascertain if there was any wrongdoing while she was leading the country.


  1. No one is badmouthing Liberia Madam Former President. You started it by undermining your vice President. You should have shown support for your former V.P. Ambassador Joseph N.Boakai to succeed you so that the economic recovery of Liberia would continue. Unfortunately, you didn’t. It is now that you are volunteering your service to help. This is exactly what you planned that without you Liberia’s. road to progress will fail. Yes! Go and serve as the second president along with what you created. We are still wondering what this quiet and humble man did to you to treat him like this. Now you want the CDC led government to show mercy on your son and Weeks by volunteering to help. One day all those awards will be recalled as soon the people find out about your deeds.

  2. The former President says that “Liberians must learn to talk and be proactive in finding solutions to problems collectively…”

    But how can we find solutions when it’s the government who is the creator of most of our problems??? For example, from time immemorial, our government schools, under the Ministry of Education, have been an epic failure!. Most government schools are poorly run!! and these poorly-run government schools have contributed to low test scores on WAEC exams and have helped established a set of values alien to high moral standards, hard work and achievement..

    So how do you solve our educational problem??

    By abolishing Ministry of Education, and using that money to give each child, through his parents, a specified sum (school vouchers) to be used solely in paying for his primary education; the parents would be free to spend this sum at a school of their own choice (Milton Friedman’s idea)..

    Government needs to get the hell out of the way, and let the free market work its magic!!

    By the way, we could use empty building (Ministry of Education) as a public Library and a fitness center for the President and the Vice President.

  3. Is Ebola the cause of the rampant corruption that took place under her administration and is happening in the current administration? People are not badmouthing Libeia; they are just expressing their frustrations. They are sick and tired of being sick and tired, period.

  4. Deception will not contribute any quota to this Liberian Government. To avoid being implicated some may resolve that her term is expire and attempts to under rate present Executive functionary might be observed as concupiscence for the very near 2019 economic progress over a one year activity. For this one year period, this administration, he has done better even though both attained only 34% each equally in registered votes. She is not the only Liberian expert called occasionally around the word to present speeches for financial rewards. The usage of Government funds for personal gain, fame, as recovered power to restore a broken legacy becomes a problem to past Presidents who think they can patch the past at the expense of the President in Power. This is a risk suspicious not worth taken. Remember what some had to say when the present Liberian Leader attempts to win were quashed and graded as rioters, street boys and uneducated?. She should go in isolation with associated comrades or face the consequential evidences forth worth foreseeable which might be used against an established legacy be it good or useless. The present Liberian system, as it is now, needs the appropriate development and the people are more concerned with rebuilding the nation and sanitizing to prevent diseases brought by the corrupt civil war, with the nation’s peace and tranquility at forefront. Party conflicts are for parties themselves and until the next Presidential election comes, to eradicate violence, the motion now is the survival of the Liberian nation and its people. Tell the silent majority. Do not chat with me.
    Gone to Silent majority.

  5. Why don’t you start by distributing the money you have been collecting for your good leadership? You are the cause of our problems, so full of gossip, punishing people who don’t bow down to you, denying your own party candidate. Liberian people are forgiving because if it as me I would run you back to your people in germany. You are the cause of our problems, you, Amara, Jenny, Estrada, Binyah and the Weeks, Weeks, Weeks and Weeks.

  6. Madam Sirleaf is a witchcraft. Witchcrafts got no shame.

    Madam Sirleaf, just account for the EU $12M and the $300,000.00 you and Amara took from Mr Samuel Jackson project account for travel to Morocco to enjoy yourselves. These are facts.

    If there is an economic and criminal crimes court, physical evidence will be made available. Witchcraft!

  7. When the leaders stop exploiting and swindling the resources of the Liberian people and show some real progress, then maybe the “bad mouthing” will stop. No one wants to be held accountable for wrongdoing, but always want to get a pat on the back. Correction and daylight robbery is prevalent in Liberia, and those who are intelligent and concerned will continue to speak the truth as they see it. It is a shame and disgrace and will continue if no one is willing and brave enough to say something. Madame Sirleaf should know better, because she spoke against other governments and credited going to jail for that as a positive thing for her and the country. African Leaders need to listen more to their people and not only the “yes” men. Vox populi, vox Dei, the voice of the people is the voice of God..

  8. Right To.Be. Anonymous

    While Ellen was in office, she did well in the way she dealt with both internal and external developments relating to Liberia. To those folks who have absolutely refused to even give her a modicum of praise for the efforts she made in trying to revive the country from a failed state, I say to them that time will tell.

    Truly, the many honors that she is receiving today are not schemed. The international community especially those countries with which Liberia has close ties, followed developments within the country during those turbulent times, and they know the depths from which she took the country.

    I have read so many essays heaping undue biblical names on President Weah for some unspecified heroic deeds that he has not done. Among them are, Weah is the Messiah who came to save the Liberians from their social woes; Weah is like Joseph who was sold in Egypt and he later redeemed his brethren from hunger; Weah is like Moses who God has ordained to free His people from bondage.

    If Weah is truly the Messiah, then time will tell.

    • Right to B – no wonder you want to remain anonymous. Because you would be ridiculed and shamed if you dare to use your real name. This woman is evil itself. Why don’t you ask her about all her friends she put in office, her old boyfriend children that she give all the jobs to, her sons she enrich, her gossiping cronies who were not fit but would bow down to her to b given jobs. She really took the country to depths, depths of hell. The west want a pet and they have her. They can keep her and you along with her.

  9. I think the ex-president will do herself and the Liberian people much good by remaining quiet and enjoying her wealth that is laundered under the Abujourdi group of companies. She is the direct and indirect author of all that’s going wrong now in the country under the footballer leader who and his team are completely at a loss on how to govern the country. She is the most selfish and unpatriotic leader Liberia has ever had. And right thinking Liberians will remain unforgiving of her for misusing in large part the opportunity they gave her to lead the country for eight consecutive years by way of serving only her on interests rather than those of the country.

  10. When you (former president)were taking over the leadership in Liberia,a lot of Liberians were excited thinking you would do good for the country, instead of doing what you were elected to do, you choose to go after people who put you there based on lies. Another thing you did wrong was not hiring Liberians when money was poured into the country during your tenure -case in point was when we heard that you were bringing in a Ghanaian to do the IT department /program, and that person was bringing in their own people to work instead of using Liberians. You didn’t trust your own people,and I think it was a form of badmouthing Liberians /Liberia ,like we were not qualified. Last,like Elijah said you overlooked your VP, and all those qualified candidates who could have carried Liberia forward, but instead you turned your head the other way. What were you afraid of? Being prosecuted ? If you feel you did right to Liberia let your conscience be your guide. I believe you first badmouth the country by thinking you knew it all. Note: No disrespect to pres. Weah! My beef is with Mrs. Sirleaf.

  11. Those who are giving you accolades and respect don’t know the real you.The same way Liberians found you out the hard way that’s how they will.I can’t believe you are talking about you did roads,water n failed the country,especially the children.your priorities should have been good education programs,health care system,water n lights (not rationing water n lights).you brought the country to its had all these false promises for the country,how you would get a billion dollars to fix things.All lies!! Weah better don’t listen to you. Do you really believe you did well for the country and its people? Wow!you think we don’t know better or what is your problem? Pray you will not be send to jail. I am really angry that you believe we are stupid. If you truly care about the country and its people,you should gave back every cent of money you received from the Nobel prize because you didn’t bring peace to Liberia,instead it should have gone to Gyude brought total destruction to that beautiful land. Let God judge us all.


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