Former Officials in Verbal Clash

Findley (left): “I am constrained to respond to the outlandish comments oozing out of the unfounded accounts from the former Director of Passport [and] Visas, Mr. Andrew Wonplo (right)..."

… over passport fraud at Foreign Ministry

By Joaquin M. Sendolo

Since the issuance of designation by the U.S. against former director of the Passport Division, Andrew Wonplo, an unsigned release and audio recording have been trending on social media suggesting that Wonplo was not acting alone in the passport saga that has led thousands of Liberian passports to possibly land in the hands of terrorists, drug and human traffickers.

For the fact that the release circulating is not signed, the media has been skeptical to authenticate it as Wonplo’s statement. However, since former Foreign Minister Gbehzohngar Milton Findley, who has resigned and seeking the senatorial seat of Grand Bassa in the upcoming election, released his reaction to the statement that heavily links him to the passport fraud, his response has lent credence to the purported Wonplo’s claims. 

Upon receiving the U.S. designation issued by Secretary of State Mike Pompeo a week ago, Wonplo, who is now barred from entering the United States with all his children, promised not to face the punishment alone, but vowed that he would release a statement that will draw others who are connected to the scheme.

Among other big names in the saga that has cast dark cloud over Liberia’s diplomatic relations and credibility, Wonplo named former Minister Findley as the person who represented the Liberian Government under President Weah to illegally issue Liberian passports to foreigners around the world.

“The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Gbehzohngar Milton Findley, often acts in the place of the Chief Executive  (i.e. President Weah) when it comes to the issuance of diplomatic passports.  My fellow Liberians, CDCians and foot soldiers of the cause, please be informed that the passport scarcity was planned illegally and executed by the Government of Liberia represented by Gbehzohngar Milton Findley.  Gbehzohngar is currently using proceeds from said illegal transactions to fund his campaign,” Wonplo’s statement said.

This allegation is not only damaging to Findley in his portfolio as the nation’s former top diplomat, but to his senatorial campaign in Grand Bassa where he has incumbent Nyonblee Karnga Lawrence to contend with.

In his response to the statement, Findley said: “I am constrained to respond to the outlandish comments oozing out of the unfounded accounts from the former Director of Passport [and] Visas, Mr. Andrew Wonplo, linking me to the so-called instruction to trade Liberian Passports to non-Liberians. I must indicate categorically that at no time did I, Amb. Gbehzohngar M. Findley, as Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Liberia, instruct the former Director of Passport and Visas, Mr. Andrew Wonplo, to trade Liberian Passports to non-Liberians. My service at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Republic of Liberia was characterized by service to country, commitment to duty, strengthening bilateral and multilateral relationships, upholding the rule of law, and dedication to delivering the statutory mandate of the Ministry; which I did to the best of my ability in conformity with law.”

In his statement, former Minister Findley said Liberian passport, as per the Executive Laws on the issuance of Liberian Passports, a Liberian passport is an official document issued by the Government of Liberia by which the bearer is recognized in foreign countries either as a Liberian citizen, an honorary consul, a diplomatic agent or emissary designated by the President of the Republic of Liberia or the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. 

“Consistent with this provision, the Republic of Liberia has had and continues to have Honorary Consuls representing its relations in varied countries and states, to include: Liberia’s Honorary Consul to Florida, Mr. David Straz who contributed US$1 million for the construction of a US$2 million polytechnic project in Sinje (named after him in 2016) but [he] died on November 18, 2019. We have honorary consuls in Italy, Spain, Saudi Arabia, among others, who by law are entitled to Diplomatic Passports,” said Findley in the release.

Clarifying the processes involved in the acquisition of Diplomatic Passports at the Foreign Ministry, Findley said, “For instance, applicants for Diplomatic Passports must give written proof or evidence that they are employees of the Government of Liberia with a rank or status as contained in these Regulations or individuals who are or may be required or assigned to serve the Republic of Liberia as diplomatic emissaries to foreign nations or Governments; or show proof that a specific waiver of these requirements have been approved by the Minister of Foreign Affairs or a dispensation given by the President of the Republic of Liberia. Said dispensation was at no time abused, but legally utilized under the discharge of my statutory functions.”

“As such,” Findley stressed, “I am bewildered by the unprovoked outburst from Mr. Wonplo wherein he’s making claims that he smartly designed as retaliation to his re-indictment, as well as his designation by the Government of the United States of America.”

He added:  “My deeds can clearly speak for me, and no chicanery can thwart the resolve of the peace loving people of Grand Bassa County.”

The discovery of frauds in the Passport Division makes other countries that Liberia has diplomatic relations with and affected by terrorism to create fear in making business with the country.  The passport deal led 4,250 Liberians passports are in the hands of foreigners around the world.

Alvin Worzi contributed to this story.


  1. Shame, as a noun, is a painful feeling of humiliation or distress caused by the consciousness of wrong or foolish behavior.
    I think it is in this context that this self proclaimed bassa boy is talking to himself here. Who in Liberia is not aware of the “monkeys black hands” parable? Milton, you and all ?

    • Do not listen to Andrew Wonplo! No official of government could have ever participated in his corruption and crime! He Wonplo himself believed he had an opportunity to steal. So, he created his cartel to the detriment of his people and country, not realizing that such criminality also was a grave danger to other countries, especially to allies of Liberia! Nor did anyone “use his hands to get stuff out of fire.“You should ask him why he chose to sue the US Government for denying their visa instead of he silliness he is now ranting.

      In other words, besides the vetting process, no Foreign Minister or any of Wonplo’s superiors would ever stoop so low, foolish, naive, and careless, to gamble and compromise their nation’s national security, their career, and reputation, for such disgusting and indecent engagement.

      It is totally wrong and blatantly illogical for anyone to conclude that a superior must have an involvement in the criminal, corrupt, or official misconduct, of an underling. Even under the law of command and superior responsibility vis a vis the prosecution of war crimes, the culpability of an underling is never automatically attributed to nor imputed to his or her superior!

      Andrew Wonplo is simply a damn criminal who, INSTEAD of summoning the discipline and courage to use that privilege as Director of Passport to excell within the foreign service as a seasoned professional diplomat, CHOSE to focus on money! This is what happens when an individual (especially the young) overvalues money and is obsessed with money!

      We do not personally know nor have ever physically seen or had any dealing with Gbehzongar Findley! And may never even meet him! But take for example, the very Gbehzongar Findley, Andrew Wanplo wants to associate with his Wonplos indecency and criminality!

      Gbehzongar Findley just entered government in the mid part of post war Liberia. But because he did not focus on money, but rather summoned the courage and the discipline to serve his country, his county, and his people, there is hardly any highly top post within the Legislature and the Executive Branches which this true vessel of the Bassa people in particular and the Liberian people in toto, has not served within with professional excellence, and triumphant continuity for the betterment of Liberia.

      As very young as he is, from opposition and ruling party stalwart to Senior Senator! From Senior Senator to President Pro Tempore. From Pro Tempore to that bastion of diplomatic excellence as the Minister of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs!

      And now unlike Andrew Wonplo who because he Wonplo focused on money, and has now become a disappointment and a disgrace, former Foreign Minister Gbehzongar Findley people have called him Gbehzongar back to renew Grand Bassa’s leadership!

      That is, he former Senator of Grand Bassa, former Pres Pro Tempore, and former Foreign Minister of Liberia becoming their senator again, to restore Grand Bassa’s towering place as the second capital of Liberia, one of the most economic power houses of Liberia, while he Gbehzongar, within his capacity as Senator of Grand Bassa County, expands opportunities for this generation, and unborn generations of Great Grand Bassa!

  2. Is a passport official any official? So when an underling gets caught within any of the other branches of government, his or her superiors are involved simply because he or she attempts to lie to the public. The fool went around selling passports for which he now has money to fly his whole family abroad and then you people want to give credence to his lies, only because the government within which he works defeated you and your paymasters at the polls.

  3. CDC, the most highly treasonous political party to ever exist in Liberia!

    They were gullibly inciting our innocent and impoverished people into revolt under the pretext that they needed to take over the country to make them ‘enjoy’, yet they have begun to cheaply sell the very sovereignty they cynically fought for, when will this other one come to an end God?
    How much is $100 or $150 or even $500 to sell your passport? Can’t you develop goosebumps and even think about committing suicide to hear Nigerians and Ghanaians selling our passports within our Ministry of Foreign Affairs? Why will you hate your won country like this?
    Is this the mighty strength of the CDC you prone all the time? Cheaply sell your sovereignty like that? Can any of those countries ever allow you to even venture near such administration even as a naturalized citizen?

    The first exemplification of your treasonous act was to appoint a dubious Nigerian to oversee governmental malpractices, are you sure you want to fight corruption in appointing a corrupt individual as guarantor of good financial practices?
    With no regards for the Liberian people who voted you, you were even brave enough to send such character before our senators to become our election arbiters, dear God what has Liberia done so much that you cannot forgive us now?

    CDCians, submit yourselves to a test of consciousness and tell the Liberian people if you sleep soundly at night.

    To my people of Grand Bassa, under the watchful eyes of your son Findley, our passports were being sold by Nigerians and Ghanaians in our own Foreign Ministry. So, think about it before giving him your votes!

  4. The love of corrupt practices brought CDC to power. And George thinking that he was fooling the Liberian people and the United Nations when he staged his Anti-corruption conference with a criminal Nigerian hosting the conference as head of Liberia’s Anti-corruption Commissioner. The boy just made a big fool of himself, and not the Liberian people. That hosting of the conference with lying Nigerian as its host, and making it part of the speech to the World Body where everyone around the world knows and heard about the stolen Liberian identity by this criminal, that part should not had been presented to the World Body at all. So who are these political advisers to the presidency making a fool out of George. If the conference was headed by a credible source, now, that’s a big difference. So George just lied to the world that he is fighting corruption.

    • How long has this Nigeriab been a citizen practicing law in Liberia?
      So what happened to all the court case he won?
      Why the scrutiny now?

  5. “Things continue to fall apart” in the CRIMINAL DIABOLICAL COUNCIL (CDC). Yesterday, it was 16 billion LD, the other day it was 20 million USD, few days ago it was 9 million USD. Today, it is ‘PASSPORTGATE” Tomorrow I don’t know what Am I missing anything here?, Please help me out my people because I have loss track of the “14 GANG DABACLE”. It is now obvious that the corruption tempest is rocking the CDC boat and it is gradually sinking into the deep blue sea! This PASSPORTGATE is like what the late President Doe referred to as “RAT TRAP” because small potato talking big potatoes are coming out! It looks like the water is too hot for the BIG FISH. It might soon jump out too. Please don’t ask me who is the big fish because I don’t have black shoe to climb 99 steps lol! Have a blessed weekend my people and stay safe.

    • No,you are wrong Franklin Weller. Where things have broken to pieces is in CoP where their Youth Wing has dissociated itself from CoP and has joined the CDC.

      As for this thief Andrew Wonplo, he better just pray none of his stolen and secretly sold passports does not enter the hands of terrorists. For if such happens, he is bound to stay in US or Liberian jail for years if not decades.

      He stupidly thought that because as passport director he had to prepare passports for foreigners serving as Honorary Counsels of Liberia, he saw an opportunity to clandestinely enrich himself.

      And this rogue really sold many passports. If he did not, he would not have the funds to be able to pack up his whole family to migrate to the USA.

  6. Yeah right, after being slammed by no one other than Secretary of State Pompeii himself, shameless passport fraudster Wonpoe wanted an award winning story to support applications for asylum in the U.S, therefore, he concocted a tall tale about involvement of others in his scheme. The guy is so silly and desperate that he alleged a man who was Senate Pro Temp and Foreign Minister, when those positions earned zillion dollars in annual compensations, needed proceeds from a passport scam to finance his senatorial campaign.

    As someone who participated in investigations of few serious crimes in Sierra Leone and Liberia, the tendency of most suspects at home to falsely drag others with them always amazed me. Like I commented on a recent Facebook post, I attributed it to the smaller circumference of our capital city where everybody knows everyone. Anyway, another commenter, Mr. John Williams a former staff of NSA, suggested that jealousy and envy are the culprits. Well, whatever the reasons, if society wasn’t giving credence to unfounded allegations, the habit would’ve stopped: Rubbish!

    • You talking about justice? NSA director under doe. you killed people . you are worse than someone selling passports. you should be held responsible for all the tortured

  7. Paterus Dolo

    Paterus you had me in tears when I read the latter part of your comments where you asked the question, “..dear God what has Liberia done so much that you cannot forgive us now?

    Looking at your taunting question religiously, my thoughts are, we are citizens of a nation which leader is blasphemous and sacrilegious, and so we are feeling the visit of God’s wrath. Liberia is like a boat destined on a journey to a glorious, promised land, but how come the ride is so rough, and the journey now appears like we will never get there? Because we have demons on the boat whose intentions are not good for the nation and so God is not happy.

    Like the biblical Children of Israel, we always become recalcitrant and self-destructive each time God delivers us from one catastrophe to another.

    For example, didn’t He say in His word that we should have no other “god” besides Him? He said it. How come then Liberians have built a statue of Weah in the simulacrum of God, set him on a platform, where people prostrate at his feet? How can our people commit apostasy, a serious transgression against God, and expect Him to bless the nation? Why can’t we see that by permitting this statue to stand in the land, we have insurrected the demonic Baal and brought death, sickness, and destruction in our land?

    The demons of prostration, the demons of corruption paralysis, the demons of rape and impunity, the demons of secret plots to murder or wage violence against those who speak against the ails of society, the demons of endless political and treasonable vices against the sovereignty of the nation, are with us in the boat. And as long as we are maintaining them on the trip, Liberians must always brace themselves for the worse as the ride in this boat will get tougher and tougher.

    Events appear like our poor huddled masses will never arrive to this promised land. However, our time is not God’s time. He will use His supernatural intervention at His time to cast these demons out; in any case we cannot relent in keeping prayerful and remaining steadfast in our prayers and faith.

    The demons are in the boat!

  8. Donald Itoka, what should have you in tears is this very Petarus Dolo praying and campaigning for A BUTT BOY A HOMOSEXUAL ALEX CUMMINGS to become President of Liberia so that God destroys our country and nation just as he destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah!!

    Have you forgotten this warning from God?
    “You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination.” Leviticus Chapter 18 verse 22[1]
    “If a man lies with a male as with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination; they shall surely be put to death; their blood is upon them.”

    And worse of all, besides reading confessions from Alex Cummings that he loves young boys, or as it was posted here recently how he went chasing a school boy for anal sex, a lawyer Cllr. Frederick Jayweh, by all implications, dared Alex Cummings to take legal actions against him Cllr. Jayweh and or he Cummings should come clean to tell the people that he is A BUTT BOY A HOMOSEXUAL.

    While my fellow woman who also share with us women that task of motherhood ,was defending our culture against such abomination, the one Petarus Dolo refers to as his demigod, was busy boasting about his enthusiasm in such abomination.

    Now you see the danger for which “we cannot relent in keeping prayerful and remaining steadfast in our prayers and faith.“ And not what you are referring to as “taunting question religiously“.

    • Kou Wontee, Iam with you 100℅!
      Liberians are so hateful of Mr Weah until they want a homosexual to destroy Liberia?
      What a curse?

  9. Miss Itoka,
    Your gospel message is engrossing! Say you, “However, our time is not God’s time”. The fact that God’s time is not our time is irrefutable. God has been good to us (mankind) from the beginning of time. He hasn’t changed! Because of His unfailing love, He aloud His sinless son to come into this sinful word in order to bring redemption.

    I slightly disagree with you on a thing or two. There’s hard time in Liberia. Also, there could be some demons (probably millions of them) as we truck through the wilderness. What I would like to say is that those demons have always been there. They were there before Weah became enthroned. Of course, the number of demons may have increased since Weah’s presidency, but it’s hard to ascertain.

    Yes Miss Itoka……we have to pray constantly for God’s intervention. Maybe, the blame game will not help.

  10. “True Nationalist”

    Shut the fuck up!

    You are central to this negative attitude of Liberians supporting a demeaning act when they get crumps from Findley and others.

    This is not the party we organized – and terribly not the cause we fought for.

    Weah must get serious or we will give the power back to the people.

    Maybe this is the time to get Weah out of office and replace him with Jewel. Or we could just do like the guys who are in Mali. Enough is enough!!!!!!!

  11. Dear Dona Itoka,

    Indeed, the demons are in the boat!

    I breathed a sigh of relief when I read people attacking you from expressing your true patriotic concerns and prayerfully calling upon your Creator for answers to the many problems and confusion hovering over Liberia.
    Had you not been attacked, I was going to conclude that you are not a child of God or what you have said was not of God, but indeed you are a child of the true living God of Israel, the God of Abraham, Isaac, Jacobs, Joseph and all the departed Faithful and Saints.

    You’ve pinpointed the bold manifestation and regrettable worship of Baal in a land founded on Christian principles, the people who incarnate the doom hereof and their emprise on our impoverished populace.
    If anyone had been doubting it, know that our beloved Liberia is the Luciferion – Demonication (The Manifest). Do not be afraid, I encourage you to listen or watch it, but you NEED TO COVER YOURSELF WITH THE BLOOD of Jesus beforehand.

    They seem to have taken control of our land, but beware that God is still on the throne. There is a serious spiritual warfare being waged in Liberia between the dark world and the children of God.
    Unlike other emerging African countries, the children of God are outnumbered on the spiritual battlefront in Liberia. But the few who are interceding and acting for the nation Liberia are solidly protected in the blossom of the Holy Ghost Fire, so fear not for there is unswervingly light at the end of the tunnel.

    Truly, our time is not God’s time. God’s time is almost at hand and soon and very soon, we will begin to dream big again and love unconditionally under the Lone Star Banner.

    Donna, let me leave you with the first stanza of the song entitled “Dream Big” by Ryan Shupe & the RubberBand

    When you cry, be sure to dry your eyes,
    Cause better days are sure to come.
    And when you smile, be sure to smile wide,
    And don’t let them know that they have won.
    And when you walk, walk with pride,
    And don’t show the hurt inside,
    Because the pain will soon be gone.

    The pains we feel for Liberia will soon be gone, Donna. Never shed tears and if you do, never write it on this blog. They are happy to read such comments. Don’t make them feel they have won because the ultimate victory is God’s.

    Liberia is not doomed, Donna!

  12. POSTED AT 9:13 AM EST on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

    I understand the source of Donna Itoka’s lamentations. We have pervasive rape, political-motivated violence, and many vices occurring in Liberia. We also see some of Weah’s supporters treat him as a “messiah”. I get it!!! However, there is a need to understand WHY some people behave this way, on and off the internet, in support of Weah.

    Take a look at his rags-to-riches story. He grew up in a slum, excelled in soccer, made millions, and gave back some of his winnings.

    Back in the 1990s, he used to travel to Liberia to play for Lone Star. He would barely have time to rest and recover yet serve his country. There were also lots of donations made to charities. And those are the ones we know off. We don’t even know of the others given privately.

    Today, he is now president. Based on his unique trajectory, some of his supporters treat him as a “messiah”.

    For them, they consider him as the first president since 1847 who actually understands their struggles. They regard him as someone who may ultimately deliver even if it takes 6 years or 12 years.

    There is probably someone from his old neighborhood who can point to where he lived, played soccer, and interacted with others. So, some of them believe in him and may continue down that course long after he is out of office.

    Others have had change of hearts and have branded him a “generational traitor” but there are some who are “holding the fort”. So, it’s not surprising that they would build a statue in his image.


    Yes, it is idolatry but is it unique to Liberia? We have statues of Abraham Lincoln, William McKinley, Martin Luther King Jr., and many others.

    I recall seeing lots of Liberians place images of Barack Obama II on their Facebook profiles a decade ago. Isn’t that idolatry too?

    Don’t we see people pay lots of money for opportunities to pose for photos with celebrities? Don’t we observe people seek autographs of photos and books from celebrities?

    Don’t we see tremendous increase in sale of clothing when celebrities and British royalty purchase them?

    Idolatry is all around us whether we admit it or not. And when it comes to Liberia, we should accept the reality that some may still idolize Weah decades ,and even centuries, from now just how some idolize Abraham Lincoln, Karl Marx, and many others centuries after their time on this earth.

  13. POSTED AT 9:51 AM EST on Tuesday, September 29, 2020

    Let’s analyze this whole stuff about Alexander B. Cummings II’s alleged sex life.

    #1. He is married. His wife’s name is Teresa. He has two kids named Ayo and Boikai. He was named after his dad, the late Rev. Alexander B. Cummings Sr. His mom’s name is Ayo. So, his daughter may be named after her.

    #2. The Cummings Foundation reportedly received a financial donation from someone in the USA who believes in extending the fight for gay rights in Liberia.

    #3. Believing in equal rights for LGBT doesn’t automatically make one gay. If that were the case, then we should brand Joe Biden, Barack Obama II, and countless other democrats as gay people. We should also extend that label to Colin Powell, a Republican, who belatedly changed his mind on allowing gays to serve in the military.

    #4. The same people claiming that Alex Cummings is a “gay rapist” are the ones who routinely lie on the internet. There’s Kou Gontee who claimed, last July, that “settlers” were automatically supporters of ACDL/NPFL during the Liberian civil war. That position is also held by the individual who posts as “True Nationalist”.

    #5. Last July, I debunked their claims and I raised the question of why Weah had surrounded himself with so many “settlers” like Emmanuel Shaw II, Archie Bernard, Charles Bright, Jeanine Cooper, etc. I still haven’t received any solid explanation for the “irony”.

    #6. Remember also that this same Kou Gontee claimed that Hon Olubanke King-Akelere’s father was executed on April 22, 1980. I pointed out the falsehood because Hon. Akelere’s dad was C. T. O. King II, not Charles DB King II (who met his demise in 1980).

    #7. The reference to Cllr. Frederick Jayweh means squat. That’s the same person who expressed doubts in Dougbeh Nyan’s qualifications. Apparently, he had problems “discovering” that Dougbeh studied at “Universitat zu Berlin” and “Charite-Universitatsmedizin Berlin”.
    Apparently, he also has problems “discovering” that Dougbeh also held a NIH Fellowship at some point. Maybe, Cllr. Jayweh needs a crash course in the use of GOOGLE and FACEBOOK.

    #8. One other Weah aficionado , Aaron Doe-Nelson extended the same nonsense to Petarus Dolo and commenced defaming the latter’s reputation. It pops up in GOOGLE searches. And all for what? Well, Dolo supports Cummings. Since these conveyors of defamation think that Cummings is gay and a rapist, it follows, according to people like Doe-Nelson, that Dolo deserves the same label.

    #9. If Dolo is branded in such manner because he supports Cummings, then should we say that all of the Liberians and Liberian-Americans who support Democrats [proponents of gay rights] are also gay and rapists? If not, then what’s this nonsense about defaming Cummings repeatedly, and by extension, Dolo ?

    #10. These people may not realize it. By resorting to such gutter politics on the internet, they reinforce the stereotype that the CDC is a party of thugs and hooligans. I hope, at some point, the real leaders of CDC [ e.g. Mulbah Morlu et al] will grow some spine and publicly denounce this sort of behavior and name and shame these fringe elements running around here as persons whose behavior are not representative of the CDC.


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