Former Nimba Superintendent Opens Up on Senatorial Ambition

Mr. Dorr Cooper.jpg
Former Nimba County Superintendent, Dorr Cooper

Now that he is no longer Nimba County Superintendent, a position that left him too tight-lipped to admitting to his senatorial ambition for the county, despite the glaring activities that could make anyone to predict.  Former Superintendent Dorr Cooper has finally opened up in a huge gathering that he is a potential and formidable candidate in the upcoming special senatorial election.

At a well-organized petitioning ceremony held in Yarwin Mensonnon District on Saturday, February 15, 2020, Mr. Cooper expressed his willingness to contest the senatorial election and called on his supporters to remain steadfast for the political battle.

Mr. Cooper had remained silent throughout the time, while his critics were announcing his senatorial bid and calling on him to resign his post and concentrate on his campaign.  Liberia’s Code of Conduct allows a person in an appointed position to resign his or her post ahead of election.  While he was yet silent on his senatorial bid, Cooper was touring Nimba, making huge donations in his own name to communities.

Opening up finally, he expressed satisfaction of the trust he says his supporters reposed in him, something he said he will not downplay but accept it and do all he can to fulfill their desires.

With the announcement, former Superintendent Dorr Cooper will be one of several persons expressing interest in contesting this single seat in Nimba.  Others who have already declared their intent for the senatorial post include Edith Gongloe-Weh, also former Superintendent; Taa Wongbe; former District #4 Representative Garrison D. Yealue, District #1 Representative Jeremiah Koung and the incumbent, Thomas Grupee.  Interestingly, Dorr Cooper and Edith Gongloe-Weh, who have both serve the highest position of the County hail from the same town of Glehyee Zorpea in Yarwin Mensonnoh County District.

The seat turns vacant as of October 2020, when Senator Grupee’s nine-year term expires in fulfillment of the Liberian Constitution.

Due to his heretofore undisclosed senatorial ambition, many Nimbaians accused former Superintendent Cooper of insensitivity to the development of the county, as all the yellow machines that the county bought to rehabilitate and open roads in the county are all turning gradually into scrap.

Dorr Cooper, in recent times, came under sharp criticism from County Inspector Reginald Mehn (also replaced) that he (Cooper) is incompetent to serve as Senator. Mehn cited that, while serving as Superintendent, Cooper did not do well as indicated by his alleged failure to give a comprehensive report on activities that came with his work.

He accused Cooper of keeping Nimba hostage in order to secure his senatorial bid and said there was nothing the former superintendent could pointed to as an achievement.

In an angry response, Cooper said Mehn was speaking out of frustration because he (Reginald) was hoping to be the next superintendent of Nimba, but could not find his way through.

The bid for the only senatorial seat in Nimba is heating up in the absence of any election guideline from NEC in line with timetable leading to the October Senatorial Election.

Recently, in the same Yarwin Mensonnon, Mrs. Edith Weh was petitioned by citizens in Zekepa, the headquarter of Yarwin Mensonnoh.

Meanwhile, report reaching the Daily Observer says President Weah has made another change in the leadership of the county affecting the County Inspector.

According to the Executive Mansion website, Nimba County Inspector Reginald Mehn has been replaced by Mark Gblinwon of the Movement of Democracy and Reconstruction, a party founded by Senator Prince Y. Johnson. However, Reginald Mehn has sent to the Ministry of Internal Affairs as National Coordinator for Concession and Conflict Resolution.  Nelson Korquoi, who serves as Chairman of the CDC in Nimba was appointed earlier to replace Dorr Cooper as Superintendent.

The coming of the new breed of officers in the local government of Nimba is creating concern among many critics.  According to critics, those occupying the two key positions (Superintendent and County Inspector) are inexperienced people without knowledge in how local government runs.


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