Former Newspaper Publisher Joins 2017 Presidential Race

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Former newspaper publisher Mr. Carlton Boah, on Monday, January 11, in Monrovia has declared his intention to contest the 2017 presidential election but did not say under which party’s ticket he would contest; neither did he call himself an independent candidate.

He said he has formed the “Friends of Carlton Boah,” also known as “CB17,” to further explore his chances at the polls.

Mr. Boah is a son of Nimba County who recently resigned his post as Managing Editor and Publisher of the InProfile Daily newspaper.

He made the declaration yesterday at a press conference held at his office on Capitol By-pass in Monrovia, saying, “whatever situation Liberians find themselves, there is a tough and meandering journey ahead.” A journey, which he said, would require true commitment to nation-building by a “visionary who has this nation at heart in the truest sense of the word.” He noted that it is a journey of courage, strength, commitment and fortitude.

According to Mr. Boah, the 2017 presidential election is for a new breed of Liberians with the “vision of transforming every aspect of this nation, incorporating all of our people.”

He perceives a vision for the presidency where there would be no recycled politicians, “not for those who have had the chance to do, but sat under the shadows without doing anything; not for those who wish that this nation be governed only by men hovering over us in black suits, top hats, tail coats and white gloves; not for politicians with appetites for being never ending, or ceremonial presidential candidates who bring nothing to the table when the dust settles.”

“It is not for politicians who run only to secure a post within the government; not for those who wish to use the presidency as a platform – a means to an end; not for politicians who wish to use our own resources to campaign against us under the guise of helping or empowering the people; not for fickle politicians sitting in powerful positions using their offices to do nothing meaningful for the Liberian people, but would rather lead them down the same road to nowhere.”

He said the road ahead is not for corruption-tainted politicians or those who participated in the mayhem that devastated this nation, “killed thousands of our brothers and sisters, but for those with the requisite vision to build Liberia.”

He said as much as these kinds of politicians remain “our brothers and sisters, it must be said that the presidency is too respected a seat for them to occupy.”

“I have been petitioned, spoken to and asked by thousands of Liberians here and around the world to consider a run for the presidency. After carefully reviewing their requests, consultations with family, friends, experts, supporters and selected groups across the country and abroad, I have decided to form an exploratory committee under the ‘Friends of Carlton Boah or simply CB17’ to further explore our chances. Over the next few weeks, we will be reaching out to you for financial and material help, because the road to changing the course of this nation will not be a cakewalk. We will have to listen better and more attentively, work harder, walk longer, talk effectively and efficiently, reach out to all Liberians regardless of where they live.”

“To our fellow Liberians residing or working abroad, you may not be able to vote, but your participations in motherland politics and other burning national issues have always been of essence and 2017 will be no exception. “We ask and encourage, as you have already registered your desire to forge this partnership in every way possible, especially so financially, so that we can all build the kind of Liberia you would like to come back home to.

To our fellow citizens from other political camps and institutions, we ask you to join us in transforming Liberia through reconciliation, driven by the power of the people.”

Meanwhile Mr. Boah has described as “stupidity” a situation that erupted between officers of the Executive Protective Service (EPS) and those of the Liberian National Police (LNP) on Saturday.

“I am glad the president has setup a committee to investigate what transpired, but I think both directors should have been suspended pending the outcome of the investigation. This is not the ‘Wild, Wild West’ and Liberia should not be dependent on men who want to prove machismo,” Mr. Boah noted.


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