Former LWS/WF Chief Stresses Importance of Sustainable Dev


Former Resident Representative of the Lutheran World Service/World Federation, (LWS/WF) has returned to Liberia on a two-week assessment visit.

Mr. Reinhard Tietze is to also provide training in development, capacity-building and sustainability.

He was instrumental in the establishment of the Lutheran Development Service (LDS) in Liberia before his departure at the close of 2001, and described his return visit as his interest in Liberia and its people.

His visit took him to Margibi and Bong counties respectively, where he challenged Liberians to join the government and partners in their development drive.

Mr. Tietze called on Liberians to prioritize sustainable development in the areas of agriculture, water and sanitation.

He said the essence of his visit is in one way to see things he planted and to meet Liberians again, especially seeing them as happy people living at the time where there is peace and hope for the future.

Mr. Tietze said another part of his visit is to contribute his experience in development work, with emphasis in sustainable development, making sure that the land is used in a sustainable way.

He spoke of the importance of sustainable soil management, sustainable and integrated farming, and to continue improving the fertility of the soil so that it can remain productive for future generations.

He said sustainable development is only sustained if the land is used now and can still be useful in the future for farming activities.

Mr. Tietze expressed gratitude to Liberians because, according to him, he was impressed by what he saw during his visit.

He however cautioned Liberians, especially rural dwellers to embark on self-help initiatives to always sustain projects implemented by government and development partners.

For his part, the executive director of the Lutheran Development Service in Liberia, Joseph S. Binda, said the visit of Mr. Tietze is to help improve on the works of Lutheran Development Service (LDS) to continue serving Liberia in development activities.

Mr. Binda has meanwhile said Mr. Tietze will begin a four-day sustainability workshop for the Lutheran Development Service and the Lutheran Church in Liberia from October 12-15.

Mr. Tietze served LWS/WF in Liberia from 1997-2001, and was the forerunner for the establishment of the LDS, an organization that continues to make an impact in Liberia since 2002.

Mr. Binda said they are happy to receive Mr. Tietze back in Liberia after 14 years, and to share his expertise and experience with LDS and the Lutheran Church in Liberia.

Mr. Tietze has meanwhile reiterated his organization’s commitment in fostering Liberia’s post-conflict growth and development.


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