Former Korea Trading Company MD Trouble Deepens


Mr. James Togbah, the former manager of Korea Trading Company, a used car and spare parts dealer, being tried for allegedly duping his Korean partner, Choi Hungchi, could likely find himself in trouble with Criminal Court ‘C’ if he refuses to produce original copies of financial records in his possession.

Defendant Togbah, the court warned, must produce those records on Friday, March 4, by 10:30 a.m.

In the order, Judge Blamo Dixon warned that if Togbah fails to appear before him or show up without the original documents, the court would deem him guilty of contempt, which means he could be sent to jail, while attending his trial.

Though the defendant is benefiting from a bail that prevents him from being in jail during his trial, failure to produce the original documents could make a negative difference for him, if he is held in contempt.

Judge Dixon named some of the financial records as accounts book and receipts that are allegedly in his possession, despite his denial.

The court’s decision was based on Choi’s testimony, which he alleged that while he was out of the country, the defendant entered his office and took away his company’s financial records.

Choi, who is prosecution’s first witness, alleged that besides the financial documents, Togbah withdrew about US$12,000 from his (Choi’s) accounts at the Vai Town branch of Ecobank.

Choi further alleged that the incident occurred when he left for his home, Korea, due to the outbreak of the Ebola virus, leaving his business in the care of Togbah.

Togbah is on trial for his alleged involvement in the disappearance of over US$54,000 from the company, while he was serving his previous post.

He has denied the charges and is charged with misapplication of entrusted property.


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