Ex-Justice Ministry Official Appears on AME Zion Graduation List

Borvor's graduation from AMEZU claimed the public attention after his wife posted on her Facebook page congratulating for a “job well done.”

— Following expulsion for academic fraud

Just in February Kokulo S. Borvor was forced to resign as Comptroller-General of the Ministry of Justice following an investigative report by the Daily Observer, titled, “Justice Ministry Employs Expelled AMEU Student as Comptroller,” Mr. Kokulo finally resurfaced in full academic regalia (cap and gown), as a member of the African Methodist Episcopal Zion University (AMEZU) Class of 2021.

A document in the possession of the Daily Observer shows that Mr. Borvor was allegedly expelled from the African Methodist Episcopal University (AMEU), and he went on to present a faked academic credential to a number of employers including the Justice Ministry, claiming to have graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from that university in 2017.

With the faked credential, Borvor successfully made his way to work previously as Comptroller-General with the Liberia Drugs Enforcement Agency (LDEA) using the same doctored academic record.

Mr. Borvor’s Civil Servants Form, which he presented to the LDEA, a copy of which is in the possession of the Daily Observer with payroll number 16-19-161-0112, shows that he acquired a BBA, [A AC] in 2017 from the African Methodist University.  

Two months following Borvor’s resignation, his name surfaced on the list of the 30th Commencement Convocation exercises of the AMEZU held on Thursday, April 22, 2021.

According to a highly placed source at the University, how Borvor appeared among graduates has remained a mystery to the authority of the institution and an investigation has reportedly been launched to ascertain his enrollment at the tertiary institution.

The source told Daily Observer that AMEZU is not only investigating when Borvor enrolled but, but how did his name appear among the graduates, adding that the finding of said investigation is expected to be released to the public on Monday, May 3, 2021.

Borvor’s graduation claimed public attention after his wife posted on her Facebook page with the comment, “Congratulations for the job well done.”

The post was brought down after sharp public reactions began pouring especially from some workers of the Ministry of Justice and LDEA, but taking it down was belated as the photos were already downloaded by some individuals and shared multiple times.

An investigation conducted by the Daily Observer Newspaper has established that Mr. Kokulo Borvor, the current Comptroller General of the Ministry of Justice, alleged of been expelled as a student from AMEU has reportedly presented a fake academic credential claiming to have graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Accounting from the university in 2017.

Borvor’s expulsion letter that was signed by the AMEU’s Interim President, Alvin E. Attah on October 1, 2020, states, “After an investigation, Mr. Kokulo S. Borvor ID#1714514 is expelled based on academic fraud.”

Not only Borvor was expelled, however. Four other instructors who aided and abetted the frauds were also fired.

“It has been established through the finding of the special investigative panel set up to investigate the case of the alleged academic fraud at the university that you colluded with staffs of the department of admission, records, and registration to falsify grades in your favor to be awarded academic credentials from the University,” the expulsion letter says.

The letter also states: “The above act is unacceptable of a student enrolled at the AME University where degrees are awarded based on character, learning, and honesty. By the rules and regulations guiding students’ conduct in the AME University, this act of dishonesty constitutes serious misconduct, which is punishable by expulsion.”

The institution further wrote that “Accordingly, you are hereby expelled from the AME University. However, in line with the students’ handbook provisions, you may elect to take advantage of appealing to the University’s Ombudsman with appropriate legal representation within ten days of the date of this letter.”

A source at the Ministry of Justice informed this newspaper that even though Mr. Borvor told the Justice Ministry that he is a graduate of AMEU, but had no documents to prove his claims, adding that “There is no document in his possession to prove that he is a graduate of that institution, but he is still serving as Comptroller-General for an integrity institution like the Ministry of Justice.”

However, reporters wrote an official communication to the office of admission requesting the institution to verify Mr. Brovor’s academic information, but the institution replied that “Based on our policy of confidentiality, we cannot disclose personal information regarding the subject without his acquiescence.”


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