Former Foreign Minister Heaps Praises on Fallen Diplomat

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Liberia’s Ambassador Rudolf von Ballmoos, who died in a London hospital nearly three weeks ago, has been receiving accolades for his service to the nation.

The latest praise comes from former Foreign Affairs Minister Olubanke King-Akerele for the late Ambassador’s dedication to Liberia.

Madam King-Akerele said the news of Amb. von Ballmoos’ death came “as a shock and complete blow to the nation,” and to her. It was under her administration that the late diplomat rendered “first class and exemplary service in carrying out his portfolio representing our country.”

She said that three months, ago she and others attended the funeral of Amb. von Ballmoos’ father in Accra, Ghana. “At the time, in giving tribute to his father at the Riggs Church in Accra, we talked about the fact that although he had passed to the great beyond, he was leaving behind two sons who were continuing his legacy in yet another African country, Liberia – Dewitt, at NASSCROP and Rudolf – both making significant contributions to nation-building in Liberia from where their mother hailed.”

“Now Rudolf has left us, I want to pay tribute to the quality of leadership and statesmanship that the late Ambassador embodied.”

According to her, four of the years that von Ballmoos served as Ambassador to Ghana were served during her time as Foreign Minister.

“The late Ambassador distinguished himself in the dealing with Liberian refugee situation and facilitating the high level mission, led by myself and comprising then Minister of Justice (now Associate Justice) Banks, Director of Immigration and Rev. Emmanuel Bowier, in discussions with the government of Ghana at a time when that government wanted the Liberian refugees to leave before their then upcoming elections.”

She further stated that the late Ambassador accepted to participate in the Ministry’s ‘development’ diplomats training for a six month assignment.
“Above all, the late Ambassador advocated for and did his utmost to call attention to the need for the Liberian government to do something serious about the state of the Liberian embassy in Ghana. He said that the state of the embassy was a disgrace and a great shame. As such, upon my departure in November 2010, we had submitted his proposals for reconstruction of the embassy,” she said.

Ambassador von Ballmoos, who was subsequently accredited to the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, with concurrent accreditations to the Vatican and the Sovereign Military Hospitalier Order of Malta, “served his nation with great quality,” and made her proud, said Madam King-Akerele.

Ambassador von Ballmoos died at the Epsom General Hospital in Surrey, London, on Thursday, December 17. He was 56. He was born on July 9, 1960 to the union of Mr. Rudolf von Ballmoos and Mrs. Anges Nebo von Ballmoos in Philadelphia, United States.


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