‘Leadership A Call to Service, Not A Jackpot Win’

Cllr. Johnson-Allison says Liberians must vote for VP Boakai on October 10 in order to reconcile and forge ahead in development

Former NEC chair Switches Support to Boakai

The former chairperson of the National Elections Commission (NEC), Cllr. Frances Johnson Allison, over the weekend endorsed the presidential bid of Vice President Joseph Nyuma Boakai with just eight days to the holding of the presidential and representative elections on October 10.

She said Liberia stands to reconcile and forge ahead in development if the citizens vote for VP Boakai as the country’s next president to replace Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, whose  presidency expires in January 2018.

Healing and reconciliation are urgently needed in Liberia to pave the way for national development, said Cllr. Allison at a press conference she called in Monrovia.

“The person who comes at the helm of power in our country must know that leadership is a call to service, not a jackpot win. The stakes are high in the pending elections, the future of our children, our way of life – these are on the line,” she warned.

The decision Liberians make on October 10 will have grave consequences for the peace, stability and tranquility of the country and its relations among the comity of nations, she cautioned.

“No one should make those decisions lightly or on mere sentiment, passion or partisanship; Liberia must come first. It is at this stage of its existence that the country needs a leader who can heal and reconcile its broken people. That person must have a heart big enough to love everyone with malice towards none,” Cllr. Allison said.

She described V.P. Boakai as an accountable leader and a good steward who understands that he is a mere custodian of the nation’s wealth and resources, which have been entrusted to him.

“I believe V.P. Boakai who has answered his country’s call for patriots to redeem its image from corruption, insatiable greed and moral decadence possesses the qualities required for leadership at this time,” the female barrister said, adding that Boakai’s personal integrity, humility and congenial nature make him suitable for such a role.

Referring to President Sirleaf’s call for ‘generational change,’ Allison believes the change should be for a ‘prepared generation, not just for anyone.’

“I don’t have a quarrel with the generational change thing, but when we talk about generational change, we need people who are prepared, educated, refined. Not because you are young so you are fit to be the president – that is not it especially for Liberia,” she said.


  1. Daily Observer, your headline reads “Former NEC chair Switches Support to Boakai”! She switched from which candidate to Boakai? WHY NOT PUBLISH IT AS IT IS?

    This corrupt an incompetent Frances Johnson who cheated the CDC in 2005, has switched from Alexander Cummings to Boakai!

    You have decided not to mention from where she switched because of your bias for this LIAR CUMMINGS WHO SAYS HE CAN CREATE 100, 000 JOBS “IN THREE DAYS”- TECHNICALLY SPEAKING!

    Very fat Frances Johnson has switched from Cummings to Bokai because if there were to be any cartel called Boakai government, it would be a feasting time for such corrupt and fraudulent people as this VERY FAT GBOFOURLOW!

  2. Francess Johnson, I am a woman as yourself. Get this into your head! Your definition of being “prepared, educated, refined” is oldage, and decades of being a corrupt public official, as is the case with Joseph Nyumah Boakai and even you yourself a notoriously corrupt person, is totally silly! POLITICAL LEADERSHIP EMANATES FROM THE HEART! THE YOUNG ARE BETTER LEADERS THAN YOU CORRUPT STONEHEARTED OLD CARGOES! AN YOU KNOW IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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